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Parenting 1-3

No description

allison armand

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Parenting 1-3

Physical Growth and Development from One to Three Ch. 11 Toddlers refers to children around age one who make the uncertain movement of their first few unsteady steps Preschoolers children ages three to five Height and Weight growth in both height and weight is slower in this period than among babies gain only about 1/2 pound per month growth in height slows by about half hereditary and environmental influences on height and weight are more noticeable among children one to three than among infants Proportion and Posture changes in proportion make a child's posture better children lose some, but not all, body fat Teeth one year olds have an average of 8 teeth during the second year they get 8 more teeth early in the third year the last four back teeth emerge the quality of the child's teeth depend highly on their diet vitamin D is important to develop strong and healthy teeth bad diet can cause tooth decay heredity also plays a role in teeth quality Motor Skills Large Motor Skills involve use and control the large muscles of the back, legs, shoulders, and arms Small Motor Skills depend on the use and control of the finer muscles of the wrists, fingers, and ankles. Dexterity skillful use of the hands and fingers Bellringer "What is a toddler? What age or ages does the term refer to?"

TOD Write one fact you learned from the lesson today
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