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How Animals Talk

No description

Library Media

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of How Animals Talk

How Animals Talk By: Lillie Wolves howl and yap and growl. Wolves They don't use words. But they do send
messages with sounds and smells and in
many other ways. Angry wolves will
raise they're back and will walk with they're
legs stiff and strait. With the wolves body
it tells other wolves what it is feeling. Deer A male deer rubs they're body
against a tree, and it leaves it's scent
there. The smell tells other deer to
stay away from here. Pika A little pika communicates danger by
making a loud eek. Other pikas hurry to
safety. Elk By crashing antlers the bull elk communicate
which one of us is going to
be boss? Or which is stronger. Elephant Seals Two male elephant seals rise up in a crowd of female seals. The bulls which are the male snort and roar through their huge noses. This group is mine! One male roars. No, no it is mine roars the other male. The females don't even notice. Manatees Two sea mammals meet and touch
whiskers under the water they may also
often kiss when they greet each other.
They also chirp and squeal. Who ever would have known that
have so much
to say, on the
ground, in the
air, and under
the water, they are all sending messages and signals.
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