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Growing a Learning Organization: ACRL-NEC

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Margaret Driscoll

on 5 October 2016

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Transcript of Growing a Learning Organization: ACRL-NEC

Phase 3 and Beyond
Growing a Learning Organization
Prepare for Growth
Phase 1
Build up-to-date database of employee skills -->

"Expert Directory
" to build cross-departmental teams
Phase 2
Build alignment of vision across different levels & working groups
A learning organization is ...
Building blocks
Organizational benefits
a place where employees excel at creating, acquiring, and
transferring knowledge.
(1) a supportive learning environment

(2) concrete learning processes and practices

(3) leadership behavior that reinforces learning

Garvin, Edmonson, Gino (2008)
Support In-Place @ UCSB Library
Union Contract
< 40 hrs/yr paid
General Organizational Development and Training
$ 70,000 / year
Measure the results of time/resources spent on training
--> Track training and costs
--> Assess learning events (feedback forms)
Provide leaders with the opportunity to mentor/coach those they lead -->
Philosophy of Supervision course
Learning & Growth 2014
Speaker Series
Understanding the Learning Organization environment
Fall 2013
Winter/Spring 2014
--> Communicate Mission, Vision, and Values widely, frequently, perpetually
--> Aid individuals/groups in identifying personal connection with Mission/Vision/Values
Communicate value of continuous learning
Promote learning opportunities regularly
Student Assistant On-Boarding Program
"Training Essentials" series
Plan and provide training on:
Time Management
Coaching for Engagement
Dynamic Teams
Leadership at all Levels
Employee Recognition Program:
"Living the Values"
Communicate the value of continuous learning
Promote learning opportunities regularly
Communicate the value of continuous learning
Promote learning opportunities regularly
Make 'lessons learned' available to all employees -->

Posted survey analysis for all staff access on the wiki
Learning organizations were generally shown to foster improved performance through continuous learning (Herrera, 2007).
Continuous learning is the key factor for organizational performance improvement (Song, 2008).
ACRL-NEC Annual Conference
May 9, 2014

Margaret A. Driscoll
Learning Organization Librarian
UC Santa Barbara Library

Ranganathan's Law #5: The Library is a Growing Organism
Strategic Goals
Aligning with vision
Accepting accountability
Engaging with the process
Sharing knowledge
Make-up of a Strong Trunk
Librarian Professional Development (each)
$ 750 (union) + $ 750 (Lib) = $ 1,500 / year
University Policy - All Employees
< 80 hrs/yr paid
Benefits to Library

Personal mastery -- Mental models -- Building shared vision -- Team learning
Systems thinking
(Senge, 1990)
Full-time position on 'Organizational Development & Effectiveness' team
+ Employee Engagement Team
Disciplines or
"component technologies:
A. I’ve never heard the term ‘learning organization’

B. I’ve heard the term ‘learning organization’ but don’t know much about it

C. I know about ‘learning organizations’ but wonder how it applies to libraries

D. I’d like my job title to be so easy to shorten (LOL)!
A. The culture at my library is totally ready to support continuous learning

B. The culture at my library financially supports learning for Librarians only

C. The culture at my library supports learning but not in any systematic way

D. This would be a huge culture shift for my library
Research & Learning
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