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Benv 1221 Assignment 1

No description

anthony chami

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Benv 1221 Assignment 1

Foundation My Home Vitex Pharmaceuticals Facility VP-Results Positives and Negatives Pros:
Loving and Learning Environment
Family Oriented
Development of Core values
150 Carmichael Drive West Hoxton Calming Area my Life.... Clean, Systematic, Organised, No room for Error Pros:
Helping Family
Learn't Responsibility & Organisation
Interesting Field

my Teachings Qualities and Importance Show Respect to your family, Family First
Stay true to who you are don't change or listen to stereotypes
Believe and you will achieve
Hard work and determination will get you what you want in life
Be grateful for your what you have in life
Respect the environment and people Overall Teachings
Happiness Blessed Family
Orientated Childhood 150 Carmichael Drive
West Hoxton Pharmaceutical Supplier to the World my Life
Anthony Chami
Dr. Kate Bishop My
House Uncles
House Cons:
Competition between Siblings
Work and Family not balanced properly
Isolation - Age difference
Foreign Industry
Feel Robotic
7 senses constantly being used
You don't know where life will take you so try your best to adapt to new situations
Learn't how to become more responsible and concise with my time
Staying focus on your task ahead
Respect yourself, your family and your environment to receive success
Design your future environments or designs based on the principles adopted from your life

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