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What's your story?

Sec 1 AEP Term 3: Frida Kahlo

Chong Chia Hwei

on 24 June 2014

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Transcript of What's your story?

What's your story?
How can you know someone from what they draw?
Let's brainstorm what that image tells us about the person whom it represents.
Frida Kahlo, 'My Dress Hangs There,' 1933
Collage and oil painting, 46 x 55 cm
Frida Kahlo, 'My Grandparents, My Parents, and I,' 1936
Oil and tempera on zinc, 30.7 x 34.5 cm
Why Frida Kahlo?
Does she fit in with the rest of the artists we've studied so far?


A multitude of -isms
Everything we've learned is relevant to everything we're going to learn
do you think Frida Kahlo belongs to and
Why do we create family trees?
- To know where we come from
- To remember the people who worked and gave their lives to give us ours
How would you represent your family?
'The Little Deer' (private collection), her self-portrait as a wounded stag.
It is a visual rendering of her personal confusion and a complex explanation of why she was the way she was.
Her head fused with the body of a deer, Kahlo portrays herself with nine trees lined up to her right and lightning striking the distant water.
She is crying. A dry branch lies at her feet.

On a photograph of the painting that Kahlo gave Rivera, she inscribed, 'I am a poor little deer.'
Frida Kahlo, 'The Wounded Deer,' 1946
Oil on masonite, 22.4 x 30 cm
Does she TRY to fit in with the rest of the artists who are part of movements?
Does she create art for others to approve of or for her own expression, identity and relief?
What kind of art does she inspire you to make?
Diego Rivera, 'Frozen Assets,' Mural, 1931-1932
"She likes fashion"
"The colours might represent her - warm colour might mean she's very kind and warm-hearted"
"She likes to be free because the clothes are very loose fitting"
"likes to spend money on clothes"
"likes multi-coloured clothes"
"might live in a mansion"
"She'd rather die than live in garbage"
"The hand seems to represent her trying to get out of the rubbishy life"
"It is worthless living on this earth"
"Metal bin in house - not Singapore"
"Social outcast"
"was 'dumped' or rejected by everyone, feels useless"
"- Fire
- Water
- Lights
- Smokes
- Plays with fire
- Firefighter
- She hates this place
- Boom! Bam! Bim!"
"Felt that this building has no use"

"May be a criminal - committed arson - needs $$"

"May hate society or government"
"Rich, high-class"
"Likes leisure trips"
"Relaxed attitude? Old?"
"Her husband died on a ship while smoking weed and causing everyone including the captain to get high. She is traumatized."
"She likes boats. Something about fire."
"Likes museums with no one"
"Likes unique and antique artifacts"
"Likes knowledge - is knowledgeable"
"Too much free time"
"Likes stones and marble"
"Has authority - probably an inventor"
'Man of Steel' rendering exercise
Colour temperatures
Layering colours
Layered cross-hatching
+ Rene Magritte
+ Constantin Brancusi
+ Wassily Kandinsky
+ Grid drawing
+ Painting: realistic, stylistic, abstract
+ Pencil shading
+ Facial proportions
Idris (2H)
Tyrohnn (2H)
Matthias (2A)
Term 3 Week 1 Lessons
- Plan, compose, and create your Family Tree
T3W2 Lesson 1
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