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The Montessori Shool

No description

Mark Maidique

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of The Montessori Shool

The Montessori School
School Leaders
Larry, Pat, Karin & Mary
Class Project:
Trista's Class
Class Project:
Ashley's Class
Blue Sky Studios
Our School
Class Project:
Elizabeth & Vicky
Class Project:
Heather & Fabi
Ericsson Barn at
Milo Vineyards
Class Project:
Meaghan and Lynn's
Class Project:
8th Grade
The Lion King
Class Project:
Jennie & Erin
Class Project:
Susan & Diane
Ring Of Fire
Class Project:
Betsy & Kate
Class Project:
Lois & Whipple Toddlers
"The Toymaker"
by James Carter
Sea Horse Ranch:
Caribbean Retreat
a. To bid, raise your paddle, number facing front -- please keep them up long enough to be seen clearly and called out by auctioneer…

b. Rules
(1) All sales are final and binding, though the auctioneer has the right to reopen biding at his discretion…
(2) Stated values are good faith, fair market and not warranted by the school, and…
(3) Unless otherwise specified, all items and services must be used within the year by May 31, 2015.
2014 Montessori Live Auction
- Housekeeping & Rules
- Raffle 2: Civitas Dreams Come True
- Raffle 1: 50/50
- Why we're here
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