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L'Oreal Paris Competitor Analysis

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brittany ambrosino

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of L'Oreal Paris Competitor Analysis

Paris Competitor Analysis
L'Oreal Strengths
Hair Care
- no other competitor has that in the drugstore market
shampoos, conditioners, hair treatments, leave in sprays
Nail Polish line
Hair Dye line
Complete Skincare line
- no other drugstore makeup company has a complex line like Loreal.
Easy to use website
Sends free products to "beauty gurus" on youtube to review and promote their new products.
7 types of eyeshadow
shadowlinks, photoready, colorstay, colorstay 16hr, diamond lust, customeyes, illuminance cream
6 types of eyeliner
photoready Kajal, Creme gel, colorstay, colorstay liquid pen, colorstay liquid eyeliner, luxurious color
9 types of mascara
lash potion, photoready volume, colorstay lengthening, grow luscious, lash fantasy
1 type of eyebrow pencil
: brow fantasy
5 types of fake eyelash products
beyond natural, lash adhesive, runway, fantasy lengths glue on and adhesive
L'Oreal Products
L'Oreal - History

Founded in 1909 by
French Chemist Eugene Schueller
Started out as a
hair care
By 1920 L'oréal hair dyes are a great success, even beyond the borders of France, breaking new ground in Italy in 1910, Austria in 1911 and the Netherlands in 1913, even reaching as far afield as the United States, Canada, the UK and Brazil.
In 1933,
Votre Beauté
, the first monthly women’s health & beauty magazine was created.
In 1980, skin care products were first created.
in 1987, L'Oreal created first makeup products.

They do not have their own L'Oreal fragrance line, unlike their main competitor Revlon. They just own other fragrance lines.
They also do not provide makeup tools - such as brushes for face and eyes, etc. - like Revlon does
Has a few less products than Revlon
9 foundations to Revlon's 11
15 lip products to Revlon's 17
L'Oreal's #1 competitor
11 types of foundations
: age defying, whipped creme, photoready, nearly naked, aqua mineral, photoready airbrush, age defying DNA, age defying with botafirm, one step compact
5 types of Concealers
: photoready, age defying, colorstay
3 types of Blushes
: powder, cream, highlighting palette
17 types of Lip Products
: colorstay, colorburst balms, lusturious shine, ultimate suede, lip butters, overtime, liquid lipstick, moon drops, just bitten
Advanced Hair Care Line
7 Shampoos & Conditioners aswell as hair care serums and treatments
9 types of Foundations
Visible Lift, True Match, True Match Lumi, Magic Nude Liquid Powder, Magic Smooth Souffle, True Match Powder, Infalliable, CC Cream, True Match Naturale
5 types of Concealers
True Match Crayon, Magic Lumi Highlighter, Visible List Serum, True Match Cream, True Match Naturale
6 types of Blushes
Visible Lift, Magic Souffle, The One Sweep, True Match, True Match Naturale Mineral Glow, True Match Naturale
15 types of Lip Products
: Colour Riche Balm, Colour Riche gloss, Infalliable Le Rouge, Infalliable Never Fail, Infalliable 8hr, Infalliable Never Fail Lipliner, Colour Riche Lipliner and Lipcolour, Extradionaire, Colour Caresse
12 types of Eyeshadow
: Colour Riche, Infalliable, Studio Secrets- 4 types, H.I.P - 8 types, Eyeshadow Primer
16 Types of Eyeliner
: Pencil Perfect, HiP high intensity- 2 types, telescopic, Lineur Intense- 2 types, Infalliable-4 types, The Blackbuster, Colour Riche, Voluminous Smoldering, Double Extend, Extra-Intense,
1 Type of Eyebrow Pencil
: Brow Stylist
24 types of Mascara
: Voluminous - 15 different types, Telescopic - 4 types, Double Extend - 5 types
Revlon Strengths

Fragrance Line
Hair Dye line
Makeup Tools Line
How-To videos on their Youtube Channel
Well known celebrities market their products
Hair tools such as straighteners, curling irons and blowdryers
Owns drugstore brands such as Almay, Sinful Colors, and Mitchum.
Not as many hair products as Loreal
No shampoos, conditioners or treatments
Less complex
Has significantly less eye products than L'oreal
7 eyeshadow compared to L'oreal's 12
6 eyeliners compared to L'Oreal's 16
9 mascaras compared to L'oreal's 24
Owns significantly less brands than L'oreal, and the brands they do own are not high end like L'Oreals.
Less of a global trend
L'Oreal Social Trends
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn
"Because You're Worth It"
"Are You IN?"
Sends free product lines to "Beauty Gurus" on youtube for them to review and promote their products
Revlon - Social Trends
Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn
How-To videos on Youtube
Use celebrities as models for new products
Emma Stone
Olivia Wilde
L'Oreal- Brand Focus
Drug Store Makeup Brand
CVS/Rite-Aid/Walgreens/Duane Read
Grocery Stores
Compared to High End Brand
such as MAC, Urban Decay, Tarte, Benefit, etc.
Sephora, Ulta, Macy's, Bloomingdales
Size of Industry
Headquaters is in France
Present in
130 countries
international brands
employees world wide
researchers/employees in Research and Innovation world wide
18,000 employees in
Operations world wide
Research Centers and Evaluation Centers world wide
and 145
logistic sites world wide
Management Development Centers world wide
According to euromonitor.com,
L'Oréal is the second leading beauty and personal care manufacturer in the world, following Procter & Gamble at number one.
L'Oreal Strengths
Owns international brands across the world, which helps build revenue, credibility, and popularity.
Georgio Armani
Urban Decay
The Body Shop
Other companies emerging
Maybelline, Covergirl, NYX, E.L.F
Those other companies buying other brands as L'Oreal has
Market Opportunities
Using more celebrity endorsements on their ads for makeup
Branch out to have their hair care products used in top rated salons
Website lists Stock Market and Share Holding Opportunities
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