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Lady Jane Grey; Why was she a threat?

No description

Alice Redgewell

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Lady Jane Grey; Why was she a threat?

How Great a Threat did lady Jane Grey cause to Mary I taking the throne???
What we think.......
Lady Jane was a BIG threat
She was put on the throne so she did succeed
Mary figured that if Jane was on the throne we would never have been a Catholic country
But protestants wanted Jane on the throne so they raised support for her
Mary was also not able to have an heir so people doubted her succession line
Jane was so young though that she would have struggled to keep everyone at bay
Mary also had allies in the the east of England and Jane barely had any .
We all agreed that Lady Jane was a
threat level 7
By Nia, Alice, Kimmy, Jack and Lewis

Background information- Lady Jane Grey
October 1537, Born
May 1553, Married to Guildford Dudley
Protestant, like Henry VIII and Edward VI
July 9th 1553, Called before the council and told she will rule after Edwards death
Claim to the throne- Great niece of Henry VIII
16 When she came to power
July 10th 1553, Jane’s Coronation
July 19th 1553, Jane ordered to resign as Queen by Mary I
Executed- February 12th 1553,
Background information- Mary 1
Born: 18 February 1516
Coronation: 1 October 1553
Proclaimed Queen: 19 July 1553
Died: 17 November 1558
Buried: 14 December 1558
Daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon
Second in line to the throne after Edward VII
Married Phillip II of Spain
Mary's claim is much better because her relation to Henry VII is much stronger
Jane's claim is much weaker because there are more family members that are between Henry VII and her
Threat Level
How great was the threat level?*

Judging on what you’ve heard so far, how great do you think the threat level is???

*Use your leaflets to help you

Mary raised a huge army
Locked Jane and supporters in the Tower of London
Executed her husband, John Dudley
Executed Jane on 12th of February 1554
Mary was crowned on 1st of October 1553
So who Actually won?
Thank you for watching !
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