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Red Wind

No description

Faye Saint

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Red Wind

Wind: motif for violence and death since crazy things are said to happen when the winds are out
Suspense: Right before Waldo gets shot, the footsteps at Marlowe's door, Confrontation between Al and Marlowe, Confrontation between Marlowe and Copernik (
Who's dying next?
Crime: Murder, Robbery, Blackmailing

Compare and Contrast
Both Red Wind and The Murders in the Rue Morgue are detective stories
How are Marlowe and Dupin similar or different?
Is Marlowe a chest player or a draught player?

About the Author
Raymond Thornton Chandler (July 23, 1888 – March 26, 1959)
an American novelist and screenwriter
In 1932, at age forty-four, Raymond Chandler decided to become a detective fiction writer after losing his job as an oil company executive during the Depression.
Written in 1938: Red Wind take place on a warm night in Southern California, we know this because that is where the Santa Ana winds occur. The main character in the story is a detective by the name of Philip Marlowe. Marlowe is minding his own business in a bar with two other people, a drunk at the end of the and the bartender. A man walks in looking for a woman and give a very detailed description of the woman's outfit. The drunk kills the man and Marlowe is the hero that solves the murder and connects all the characters together.
Red Wind
by Raymond Chandler

Life imitates Red Wind
In 1912 he moved to San Fran and year later moved to LA.
He was an alcoholic.
Began a love affair with Cissy Pascal, a married woman 18 years his senior
Elements of the Short Story
Characters: Phillip Marlowe, Lola, Waldo Ratigan (aka Joseph Coates or A. B. Hummel), the Murder (Al Tessilore), Copernik and Ybarra

Setting: Southern Cali, the Bar, Marlowe's apartment

Point of View: First Person-Marlowe is also the narrator of the story so we see things through his prospective and since he is a detective he notices a lot of things and goes into great detail
How is Lola Portrayed in this story?
With all the coincidences could this happen in real life?
How does Marxism play in this story?

Why did Chandler make the wind so significant?
Was the Red wind a coincidence or did it cause the crimes?
Did Marlowe plan to solve the murder and discover all those connections between Al, Waldo and Lola etc.?
News and events of 1938

Orson Welles broadcasts his adaptation of H.G. Wells's War of the Worlds, creating a nationwide panic as listeners believe that aliens have landed in New Jersey (Oct. 30).
Fair Labor Standards Act establishes minimum wage.
George and Ladislav Biro invent the ballpoint pen.
Hitler marches into Austria; political and geographical union of Germany and Austria proclaimed.
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