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Gibbs High School Library Orientation

2012-2013 School Year

Dana Rider

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Gibbs High School Library Orientation

Orientation 2012-2013 Welcome to Gibbs High School Library Librarian is Mrs. Rider Library Hours:
Monday-Friday 7:30am to 4:00pm Library Rules and Procedures Why do I need this orientation?
Learn the policies/procedures
Know how to find information Questions??? Library Rules & Procedures How many items can I check out?
As many as you can be responsible for!
How long can books be checked out for?
3 weeks for regular materials
1 night for reference materials
1 week for magazines
What is the fine for being late turning one in?
10 cents per day for regular materials
$1.00 per day for reference Check Out Procedures No food or drink, water with a cap/lid is allowed ONLY at the tables!
No electronic devices unless with prior permission from Mrs. Rider
You must have a pass from a teacher to come to the library during class time Library Rules Copies & Printing
Black/White: 10 cents per page
Color: 25 cents per page
Markers/Colored Pencils
Staples/Hole Puncher Library Services Questions??? Current magazines cannot be checked out
Older magazines can be checked out for one day
There is a huge variety of different magazines to choose from
Sports Illustrated
Outdoor Life Magazines B
WAS Stories about a person’s life
Examples: Book on George Washington, J. K. Rowling
Arranged alphabetically by the person the book is about:
Example of a call number: Biography FIC
MEY Stories that are not real/made up by the author
Examples: Harry Potter, Twilight Series
Arranged by authors last name:
Example of call number: Fiction GF
ADA Fiction books with mostly illustration and some text
Also known as Manga or Graphic Novels
Arranged alphabetically by author with GF designation
Example of a call number: Graphic Fiction SC
POE Collection of short stories by one or more authors
Examples: Poetry by Edgar Allen Poe, Collection of horror stories
Arranged by author’s last name
Example of a call number: Story Collection 920.87
EXA True stories from life
Examples: Books on the Civil War, book about plants
Arranged by Dewey Decimal System and author’s last name
Example of a call number: Non-Fiction Graphic Fiction Story Collection Biography Non-Fiction Fiction Types of Books What kind of materials can I find in the Gibbs High School Library? REF
ADA Used for a “quick” reference
Examples: Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Almancs, Atlas’
Arranged alphabetically by the Dewey Decimal System
Example of a call number: Reference To log on you use your ID number and password
If you have forgotten your password Mrs. Rider can reset it for you
No gaming, chat rooms, Facebook, etc.
Please do not change any of the settings on the computers
Always remember to SAVE YOUR WORK!!
Some ways to save: USB (flash) drives, CDs or on your School Fusion page
Do NOT assume that your document will still be there if you save to the computer!!! What you need to know… You must have an acceptable use policy on file
School work is 1st priority!!
Computers are for school related purposes! Before you get on a computer… Library Computer Use Databases, Library Webpage, College and Career Center and more! Check out the Gibbs High School Library webpage, it includes lots of great information for you!
Includes links to all databases and lots of great resources
How to find it:
At school it is the homepage on library computers
Elsewhere in the building or at home: http://mediacenter.gibbhs.knoxschools.org Activity What other resources do Gibbs HS students have access to? The End....
Any Questions?? Need help with deciding your career path?

Don't know where to start looking for colleges?

Check out the College and Career Center in the
GHS Library! There is lots of great information on scholarships, colleges and career paths. How to search for books in the
GHS library InfoCentre Creating a list in InfoCentre Catalog Search Results In or Out and add to a list Search Term=Hunger Games Gives you the ability to search
for more advanced options or do a
visual search by book category Type in your search term here
Can be:
Keyword Options to save & print Info to Go Inter-library Loan System About Info To Go
Allows students to order materials from the Knox County Public Library or UT Libraries How To Order a Book:
After finding a book that you would like to order
See Mrs. Rider to get a form to fill out with the information about the book and what you need
Mrs. Rider will put in a request and your book will arrive in a few days
The loan period is 3 weeks for KCPL and 8 weeks for UTK

Your teacher will be putting you into groups
With your group you will need to find materials both in library catalog or on one of the databases by following your clues
After you complete each clue you will need to fill out the questions and return it to Mrs. Rider or your teacher in order to get your next clue
Follow the directions and have fun learning about the library The first group finished with all the CORRECT answers will get a PRIZE
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