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Lexi Williams

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

New Zealand The Land of Preserved Beauty -To the west of Sydney, Australia
-New Zealand has tons of natural beauty
- New Zealand on the Map! Rental Car 4WD Nissan Dualis/ Qashqai Lake Okareka Lodge -Three Suites & three rooms
-5 star lodge
-7,072 square foot lodge all to you & your family
-includes a spa bath, walk in wardrobe and private office Titore Lodge - -Over looks Pacific Ocean & Russell Harbor
- Award-Winning Garden
- Pathway to Historical Village of Russell
- Designer Furnishings and Original art
- High Speed Internet
-5 star Lodge - Private Beach/ Cove Some 3d Views http://www.attitorelodge.com/pano2vr/deckweb.html
http://www.attitorelodge.com/pano2vr/downstairs2web.html CVG Airport Flight -CVG Airport to TRG Airport
-Plane arrives and Departs 2 days later
-Multiple stops
-First class seating
-1 hr. and 2 min. drive to Rotorua Tourist Attractions -Rotorua
-Ulva Island
-The Catlins Coast
-Under Water Observatory
-Fiordland National Park General Information & History -lots of rainfall
-mild weather
-upon arrival it will be 68*F to 86*F
-1840 is when New Zealand was founded Cost -$1,764.48 approx. per person for round trip
-$1,050 for rental car
-Lake Okareka lodge is 12,000 for 10 days
Visit New Zealand -its beautiful
-its luxurious
-its a dream
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