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Aztec Medication

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Sanjana bhansali

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Aztec Medication

AZTEC MEDICATION The medical practices that the Aztecs used many years ago worked so well that some people in Central America still use them today to cure many kinds of health conditions.

They also used religion mixed with medicine because they thought their gods would help them cure who ever was sick.

Bloody Nose

The juice of nettle plants, ground with salt in urine and milk, poured into the nostrils stops the flow of blood from the noise,” The water from the nettle plant that grows in Mexico, Central America, the West Indies, and tropical South America.

For fevers they suggested to take regular steam baths. The steam baths were in a little room where a fire was in a little box. Then they would put water above the fire so that the water could make the steam.

Also, they thought that the heat would clean and relax them and that they would sweat out the evil spirits that were poisoning them. They also sometimes used plants to cure fevers. Some of these plants were put in boiling water for the affected person to drink or they would just place body parts in the water, they mostly placed the plants on the forehead.

Various illnesses

If someone had a bad cough he had to frequently drink the juice of the root of a plant called stalky cornsilk flower. Peeled and ground in water, with part of which, mixed with honey,

then they had to drink it. If someone spit blood, they also had to take the same drink before the midday meal. And it would be somewhat useful if he would mix the same root in honey and chew it.

They also said that the flowers of this plant ground and added to water were said to improve eyesight and heal ulcers. They also used this root to cure diarrhea and to relieve indigestion.

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