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2nd copy of talk based consultation

Presentation at Le Web 09 by Mike Jones and Monica Keller.Topics: Open APIs and Real TimeFor more details visit http://developer.myspace.com

Jenny Cawsey

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of 2nd copy of talk based consultation

How Talk Based Consultation
can develop a Trusting
Relationship between Pupils
and Teachers What is Consultation " Consultation is a conversation
that builds a habit of easy
discussion between teachers
and pupils about learning"

(Rudduck and McIntyre, 2007) Direct consultation Interviews conversations questionaires Prompted consultation Pupils are promted to
express their views
through a stimulus Mediated Consultation Pupils who are not used to
being consulted, are helped
to express their views through
drawing posters
Disadvantages and Advantages of
questionaires Student Views Questionaires have set
Limit what you can say
Can also be a limitation
to the teacher
sometimes can be a point of
reference for the teacher
It is good for people who are
shy Disadvantages and advantages
of conversations Can be a disadvantage to
pupils who are shy
Prefer conversations
because you are able to voice
your particular opinion
Methods of consultation Advantages of Consultation for pupils "It helps our individual development"
"It makes you feel you are important"
"If the teacher is listening to you and uses
your ideas it means they care about your
Maths Trust and
Respect Conclusion Teachers views
about consultation English "Decades of calls for educational reform
have not succeeded in making schools
places where all young people want to
and are able to learn.It is time to invite
students to join the conversations about how we might accomplish that"
Cook-Sather, (2002) However the DfES says it is importatnt to give young people the opportunity to express their views on a range of topics such as how to tackle bullying in the playground, school discipline and the quality of food (DfES,2004). "The teacher was going at a fast pace for me,
but once she consulted us about our
learning I was able to say if she could
slow down a little, which she did" "Our English teacher asked us to give her
our views about a new learning
technique she had introduced" Challenges Barriers Government's agenda is
focused on performance,
therefore teachers priority is to
prepare pupils for examinations Power Struggles Teachers know best
Not enough time
to spend on a consultation "Definitely ask your pupils
because you'd kind of get
close to them and you'd get
better work out of them and you
would'nt waste proper learning
time with stupid exercises.
You'd make learning worthwhile" "Asking us about the lessons makes us feel more respected....we try harder when its our choice how we learn...This way of learning helped us to understand the work.... If you are treated more like adults, you behave better.... if the teachers respect us, we respect them"

(Year 10 Pupils) Beth Morgan(2007) (Year 8 Pupil) Paul Thompson (2009) (Year 8 Pupils) (Year 8 Pupil) (Rudduck and McIntyre, 2007) School 'R' Maths Teacher from School 'R' " When i first begun teaching my year 8 class,
the pupils were rowdy and it was difficult to teach.
But after carrying out a consultation, I realised
they found my teaching technique hard to understand
and being rowdy was a way of crying out for help.
I listened to their ideas and implemented some
of them and since then the climate in my
classroom has been positive" "Better understanding of what motivates pupils" Teacher's comments from questionaire "Students feel that they have control of their learning and are therefore actively and more interested" "I am able to tailor the help that they need" Thompson,P. Research (2009)

An English teacher said "If i respect them enough to listen to them then they'll tell me more. And if they see me changing things on the basis of what they've said then it just makes everyting a bit more important to them However, an MFL teacher said "I like the idea of them being consulted but I dont necessarily think they are entitled to be consulted because we are there to do the job.I think it helps us to do a better job and it makes them feel valued and I think that is important" Questionaire Results from School'R' Thank you for
listening References "At classroom level, pupil consultation can develop only if there is a mutual trust, respect and recognition between teachers and pupils...But seriously engaging in consultation and responding to it is itself a way of showing respect for pupils and so of winning their trust"

( Rudduck and McIntyre, 2007, pg. 179) Rudduck, J. and McIntyre, D. (2007) Improving Learning through Consulting Pupils.Oxon: Routledge Thompson,P. (2009) 'Consulting secondary school pupils about
their learning',
Oxford Review of Education, 35: 6, 671-687 Pedder, D. and McIntyre, D. (2006) 'Pupil Consultation:
the importance of social capital',
Educational Review,58: 2, 145-157
Rudduck, J. (2006) 'The past, the papers and
the project', Educational Review, 58: 2, 131-143
General Teaching council for England
www.gtce.org.uk Cook-Sather,A. (2002) Authorising Students' perspectives:toward trust, dialogue and change in education, Educational Researcher, 131: 4, 3-14 Difficult to respond to Feedback Departmental Hierarchies
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