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Understanding Clients

ARW presentation day - Understanding our clients from conception, presentation and management

James Bailey

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Understanding Clients

Understanding and managing clients Information sources Company Pipelines Internet News alerts First word Search engines Client Interaction Involved clients DSP design Regular Contact Uninvolved clients Unresponsive Vague Understanding Databases Pharma projects Clients needs Experience Previous DSPs

Clients own Previous work Expectations? Product Phase? Already available? Expectations? The Concept Pre presentation breifing Practice for client presentation
Highlights areas of interest / dispute
A chance to anticipate and tackle questions
Better understanding of client needs
Chance to bring up additional points / ideas
To keep informed about changes in the market
Better understanding of client needs
Better understanding of how the data is used
Chance to see how slides are presented
To keep informed about changes in the market


Size of team

Number of clients
How to overcome these Keeping briefings brief!

Better time planning

Targeted slides

Client input
Benefits to client More polished and tailored presentation

Better placed to answer questions / explain unexpected trends

Confidence in the whole team’s understanding of their needs / ability to respond to queries

Raises the perception the client has of the value and usefulness of DSPs = further buying

Reduces small errors

Clearer messages
Putting it into action Similar to debriefs

Whole project team

Before a client presentation (about 1 week prior to presentation?)

Dress rehearsal for a presentation
Customer relationship DSP flow Customer Relationship Management Establishment, development, maintenance and optimisation of mutually valuable relationship.

Such relationships must benefit both companies. Significance of Customers ARW's success relies on its ability to target and retain profitable customers.

Vital that customer satisfaction is exceeded

This can be acheived through relationship marketing What this means for ARW? Significant impact on ARW's product.

Emphasis on contact with client.

Relationships with clients can be enhanced. Changing role of the executive Documentation

Single Project

Replicate slides

Limited client contact

Occasional involvement in TC's

Live presentation


Single Project

Limited client interaction Multiple projects

Live presentations

Immersed in daily work

Early TC involvement

More responsibility Multiple projects

Live presentations

Hands on training

Early client contact and interaction

More responsibility 2005-2006 2009-2010 Thank you for your Attention Any questions? 4 P's

Price (upper management)



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