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The Importance of Understanding Your Learners Needs

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Tracy Robinson

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of The Importance of Understanding Your Learners Needs

"The Importance of Understanding Your Learners Needs"
There are two distinct methods of conditioning, they are classical conditioning and operating conditioning. Animals and people both learn by positive and negative reinforcement. Conditioning is the central station of learning. Reward charts are very affective methods of reinforcement. To reinforce behavior and productivity we should enforce good behavior with rewards.
There are 5 categories of learning.

1. Intellectual
2. Cognitive Strategies
3. Attitudes
4. Motor Skills
5. Verbal Information

We use cognitive learning during thinking, decision making, problem solving, watching, reading and experience.
Needs of Learners That Were Considered
1. Different Learning Styles
2. Scaffolding and Schema of Our Employees Previous Knowledge
3. Exploring Similarities and Differences in Our Learners Language, Background and experiences

Our employee trainees come from different cultural backgrounds, experiences, knowledge, difference in age and different ethnic backgrounds.
Thats why its extremely crucial to apply learning theory while training diverse learners.
The Importance of Understanding Your Learners Needs
Thank you!

1. The Philosophy and Reason of Science and The Pursuit of Knowledge
2. Independent Thinkers are Challenged and Get to Explore.
3. Creates and Determines Ones Destiny

Exploring humanism theory will help teach our employees self discipline, self motivation, creativity, respect, positive attitude and a team player.
Constructivism teaches our employees to figure out things on their own or with the help of other co-workers. Critical thinking and applying existing knowledge to past and previous experiences. Known as schema theory and scaffolding.

1. Create
2. Research
3. Build
4. Compose
5. Compile
6. Construct
Specific Skills
Communication- Great talker, confident and great communicator, face to face and over the phone.

Teamwork- Good at working with others they come in contact with.

Problem Solving, Planning and Organizing, meeting deadlines, and willingness to learn new tasks.

Tracy Robinson
Instructor Pruitt
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