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A bold vision for a new entertainment experience

View from a consumer perspective

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Transcript of A bold vision for a new entertainment experience

GeoCast Digital Media Efforts 2003-2013 Television
BUSINESS eUK DotCast filmOn Jaman Joost coolroom Play4FILM QuokkaSports WALMART Movie Gallery SyncTV sezmi FANCAST Movielink cinemanow blockbuster HULU Disc
BUSINESS Subscription
SERVICE! How to break-out of the box! st The Next-Generation of Consumers and they want something is out there d e nt Media & Entertainment Sells Engaged Audiences Buy Create a model that sells goods & services directly in exchange for the content you want A new global, socially connected audience that engages with content from around the world using their mobile device We should NO longer just target the lean-back, family experience not ads! see it go look for it in the store!?!? Today we will do what others won't.
So tomorrow we can do what others can't. Industry Interests. Interests. Consumer Jerry Rice With a new kind of content that comes from anywhere in the world Mobile is their & only screen ` 'Spreading the love' is their way of paying for content To them Entertainment is a Social & Personal Experience vudu Breaking of the Box a bold vision for a new entertainment experience Media
BUSINESS! See It, Like It , Buy It, Share It
This is one of Harmonic Inc's views of where tomorrows mobile, social, global media & entertainment experience may take us. ... why not buy it! X-Factor like it Chat Chat _ We like to discuss with you, your ideas, and help you design, build and operate your breakthrough next-generation service. to learn more Interested e: Sales@HarmonicInc.com w: http://www.harmonicinc.com ? technicolor moviebeam The Balance is Shifting Carrefour redbox Netflix Control Power Freedom what's next? GLOBAL Social
SERVICE! Broadband
SERVICE! mobitv ConnectTV zeebox Play.com TESCO ZillionTV BESTBUY O t u 1 generation but days services NOT do address the needs e e 2 Verizon the balance was in favor of interests from the industry Traditionally Consumers Reach For Their Phone, Not Their Wallet ! share it NOT just Viewers, Users & Subscribers! of the new TV The future of Over-The-Top Over-The-Top TV The future of 2 Screen nd TV The future of 2 Screen nd TV The future of Multiscreen TV The future of Multiscreen TV The future of 1 Target Market 2 3 4 5 Biz Model Use-Case Scale Content Sells re f f i With a social ECO system of a connected, rapidly growing, engaged audience 'Engage & buy' 'Engage & buy' 'Engage & buy' VOD Library LIVE TV User Generated Global Audience Regional Audience Social Audience And see it like it buy it INTEL In association with Prezi developed by: #Indojacco
FutureofSalesisnow.com Jacco vanderKooij
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