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Mosaic Tea & Coffee: Numi Tea Presentation

Mosaic presentation-- December 2012

Bill Habicht

on 25 January 2016

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Transcript of Mosaic Tea & Coffee: Numi Tea Presentation

Mosaic's Mission Transform the Davis Community Church Fellowship Hall into a nonprofit tea & coffee shop that serves as a job training/placement program for adults with disabilities
Provide a replicable and scalable social enterprise that places people before profit. Mosaic is committed to helping other iterations of this venture to get off the ground and succeed.
Provide the community with a destination to enjoy exceptional tea, build community, enjoy the arts, learn about disabilities and work toward the common good. Assets Mosaic is a nonprofit
Social Enterprise
responding to the needs expressed by the disabled community. Mosaic Tea & Coffee Job Training
& Placement Something like
Steamers Coffee Shop Community Disabled community & Service Providers Beloved Community Here's our vision... Community Job Training Davis
Community Church Community Gathering Family Venue Music & Arts Job Training Job Placement Partnership Mosaic Tea & Coffee Disabled Employees & volunteers partner
together to staff Mosaic:
Multi-faith community
High school & college students
Community members
Service providers Food service
Stage lighting & sound
Other training opportunities that arise from within the tea shop Training employees for job placement through partnership with local businesses.
Mosaic may serve as an incubator for small business ventures by adults with disabilities Music venue* for professional and amateur musicians
Theater, Open Mic
Art displays/showings
TEDx Davis
Craft fairs A place for parents of young children
to develop community*.
Children play in a safe, designated
Parents develop community
with other parents *No indoor space for families exists in Davis. Families would be a target demographic. Rotary
Small Nonprofits
UCD Students
Community Groups As DCC is providing space free of charge, the congregation will utilize the space when Mosaic is closed, for things such as:
Emergency shelter for the homeless
Support groups
Community book groups
Service-based Worship
Meetings Gift Economy Pay-it-forward Partnership Disabled Employees and volunteers partner
together to staff Mosaic
DCC members (adults, youth, children)
High school students
Community members
Service providers Interconnection and relationships
Gratitude and appreciation
Expression of generosity
An alternative economic model Sharing knowledge and expertise
People are defined by their strengths What is it? Gifts through Talents Fellowship Hall FREE gift of a 3,500 sq/ft facility with industrial kitchen and performance stage:
Centrally located in downtown Davis
Next to Central Park
3 Blocks from the UC Davis campus Rooted in a strengths perspective Nurturing Art Celebrating the intrinsic worth
of ALL people *No significant music/arts venue exists in Davis Gift Economy Job training for adults with disabilities Other Assets While there are numerous coffee shops in downtown Davis, there is only one, very small shop that specializes in tea
$50,000 donation for facility improvements*
Full liability coverage under DCC's liability policy
Disabled employees are paid through government work programs, freeing up monies to further invest in the disabled and local community
Partnership with local and regional service providers * Note: fundraising efforts have not begun yet. This is a donation "in-hand" prior to the official fundraising campaign. Seeking Partnership with Numi Organic Teas Mosaic would like to explore a strategic partnership with Numi Organic Teas. We believe our nonprofit embodies the vision and values of Numi, celebrating people, nurturing growth, embracing possibilities and creating a positive impact on the planet and community. The following presentation outlines the vision of Mosaic Tea & Coffee. We would love the opportunity to discuss further how we might collaborate in making a significant, lasting and positive impact in the world. The need for The need for Mosaic is a nonprofit, collaborative tea & coffee house and arts venue providing opportunities for people with disabilities to develop skills and relationships. Our Goals Alignment with Numi Organic Teas Mosaic is committed to nurturing fully-accessible art within our region:
Offering a space for local artists to display their art as well as participate in the 2nd Friday Art About
Offering a space for local musicians and theater groups to perform
Building upon Davis ArtsPlay, a free drop-in arts center for children regardless of ability or other societal barrier. Averages 45 kids/session. Education Mosaic is committed to educating the public about disabilities, promoting a holistic view of individuals and the diversity of ability.
Mosaic will provide intensive training on disabilities to all volunteers and employees.
Mosaic will build upon the disability classes begun in the fall of 2012.
Mosaic will offer workshops to the community on disabilities from a strengths perspective Natural Environment Mosaic is committed to the natural environment:
While we will initially be utilizing food items from local vendors, we hope to eventually partner with regional farmers to utilize produce that is not "acceptable" from a grocer perspective, and is often discarded.
There is the potential of growing our own produce in a large, underutilized area next to Mosaic
Mosaic will be using local, organic, gluten-free products whenever possible. Health Mosaic is committed to health:
We believe that a holistic approach to health is important, one which includes healthy food, community, employment and supportive relationships.
Our foods will focus on organic teas, coffee, fresh fruit smoothies (no sugar), and gluten-free bakery products. Our Proposal to Numi Organic Teas Mosaic would love to explore:
1. A strategic partnership that builds upon Numi Tea's commitment to disabilities.
2. Investment in Mosaic as a model for social entrepreneurship that uplifts the values of Numi Organic Teas.
3. Offering in-kind donations or discounted rates for organic teas.
4. Ultimately, Mosaic wants to serve the community, placing people before profit... and we'd love to achieve that in partnership with Numi Organic Teas! We would love the opportunity to begin a conversation with Numi Organic Teas! Please contact Bill Habicht via any of these channels.
Bill Habicht
cell: 530-902-2844
work: 530-753-2894
email: bill@dccpres.org
https://twitter.com/billhabicht https://www.facebook.com/MosaicTeaAndCoffee http://bit.ly/ExploreMosaic On behalf of the Mosaic Team, we thank you! Davis Community Church Numi Organic Teas City of Davis &
UC Davis This is the space we're planning to transform! Miriam Rocke, Co-chair Miriam is a is a brilliant writer and advocate for full inclusion of all in the church and community. She suffers from the extremely rare disease FOP, sometimes referred to as "Stone Man Disease." FOP causes fibrous tissue (including muscle, tendon and ligament) to ossify. She is a graduate of Stanford University with a degree in Symbolic Systems. Elisa Stone, Co-chair Elisa is a force to be reckoned with. She is involved in many social justice ventures in Davis, including the Davis Community Gift Project, which provides toys to children of the working poor. She has a great breadth of knowledge in learning disabilities and addressing concerns related to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Her family owns Stones Catering. Lena Contreras Lena serves on the ADA Advisory Committee for the City of Davis. She has been blind since birth, due to a premature birth and low birth weight. Lena is a highly sought after speaker from "A Touch of Understanding." She has a B.A. in Human Development and a M.S. in Community Development from UC Davis. Bill Habicht Bill is a community organizer and pastor at Davis Community Church. He is the founder of the Interfaith Rotating Winter Shelter of Davis, which placed 6th nationally in the Great Nonprofits Food & Shelter Awards. Bill has a M.S.W. from Virginia Commonwealth University and a M.Div. from Union Theological Seminary. Stephanie Morris Stephanie is the Director of Wings Tutorial Services, which provides tutorial support and workshops designed to promote social, academic and creative growth. She received the 2006 Educator of the Year Award from the California Learning Disabilities Association. Sharyn Orris Sharyn is a reporter for the Davis Enterprise and musician in the local band "Neon Lite." She is an accounting guru, providing services to a large non-profit in Davis. Sharyn is intimately familiar with the Autism spectrum as her daughter (soon to be an adult) is autistic. Shannon Ramsay Shannon has worked in the office of Sen. Tom Harkin as a disability rights intern, the State Department in the Office of Civil Rights, the US Attorney's Office in Sacramento and Disability Rights California. Shannon has a B.S. from Stanford University and a Law degree from UC Davis, passing the California bar in 2008. She was born with a vision impairment and lost all sight by the 6th grade. Bios about the Executive Team
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