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Board Games

No description

Rebecca Taylor

on 8 February 2012

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Transcript of Board Games

“A board game is a game in which counters or pieces are placed, removed, or moved on a premarked surface or "board" according to a set of rules.”
How long have humans played games? Game piece (or counter or token or bit or mover or pawn)
A player's representative on the game board
Each player may control one or more game pieces.
Modern board games -Clue- pieces involved that are not a player's representative (weapons).
What does it take to design a good game?

Games are a matter of taste, there are many games for many types of people Chapter 2:
Board Game Atoms QUESTIONS: Does luck play a role? Strategic Game? How many players are there? Is the game original? Can you play the game again? Does everyone have an equal chance to win? Board game designers forum:
The game crafter:
Game advice:
A theory of fun:
Fundamentals of game design:
The Edmonton Board Game League:
Board game geek:
http://prezi.com/ Useful sites to help with Game Design and Information The End http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Board_game 3500 BC: Senet found under Predynastic Egyptian burials 220-265 CE: Backgammon enters China under the name t'shu-p'u 2560 BC: Board of the Royal Game of Ur (found at Ur Tombs in Iraq)
600 CE: Chess was developed called Chaturanga in India
1930 CE: Monopoly stabilises into the version that is currently popular 500 BC: Buddha makes
a list of games that are banned Game Atoms When designing a game, the development focuses on all of the elements that will make the game work.
Game State The collection of ALL of the relevant information that takes place or that changes during game play.
Playing Field
Luck vs. Skill Game View The entire area of
a game.
Chutes and ladders
Hide and Seek
Football Game Avatar What represents YOU in the game world. YOU Game Bits Any physical/virtual items that are needed for gameplay.
Theme Most games have a storyline, characters, actions, visuals or audio that all relate to a general theme of the game. What makes some game themes appealing?

What game themes remain timeless?

Who plays particular games?

Why are games made? Do not pass go.
Do not collect 200$. Rebecca Taylor
Adrianne Cleary
Games are provided.

Please pick any game
that interests you! What was the game about?

What was the game mechanic? How did the game stand up to your ideas of a "good" game? “Game mechanics are a construct of rules intended to produce an enjoyable game or gameplay. All games use mechanics; however, theories and styles differ as to their ultimate importance to the game. In general, the process and study of game design is the effort to come up with game mechanics that allow for people playing a game to have a fun and engaging experience.”
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