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Should bullies be kicked out of school?

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Samantha Ley

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Should bullies be kicked out of school?

My opinion
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I say bullies should be kicked out of school. Its not fair that every year somebody perishes because they are being bullied at school. We go to school to learn not to pick on others. I'm tired of all these people being so judgemental acting like they're so perfect themselves. Something needs to be done about this and nobody is making any changing.
As of 2000, it was estimated that 815,000 people died from suicide all around the world, which is equivalent to 14.5 deaths per 100,000 population, or 1 death every 40 seconds (World Health Organization, 2002).
Megan Meier
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84.9% of students heard “gay” used in a negative way (“That’s so gay”) frequently or often at school and 91.4% reported they felt upset because of this language.

71.3% of students heard other homophobic remarks (“dyke” or “faggot”) frequently or often.

61.4% of students heard negative remarks about gender expression (“not man enough” or “not feminine enough”) frequently or often

56.9% of students reported hearing homophobic remarks from their teacher or other school staff.

She was only 14
we come to school to learn not to bully.
Suicide because of bullying
Megan Meier
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Bullying Gone Too Far?
Megan was bullied through the internet by some guy of whom she had barely met. Her mom felt a great pain like something was wrong and went upstairs to find her daughter hanging in her closet.
Should bullies be kicked out of school?
Together we can make a change

Bullying facts
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