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Sam Smith Music Presentation

No description

Jacob Buurman

on 23 January 2015

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Transcript of Sam Smith Music Presentation

Sam Smith
Musial Background/Album
On May 26, 2014, Sam Smith released his first album, called
In the Lonely Hour.
Smith descried his album as "all about unrequited love".
His album included some of his top hits, such as "Stay With Me" and "I'm Not the Only One".
Songs in TV shows
Dancing with the Stars (Dynamic Duos Night) playing "I'm Not the Only One"
Big Brother (Day 63) playing "Money on My Mind"
So You Think You Can Dance (Top 18 Perform, 2 Eliminated playing "Stay With Me")
Strictly Come Dancing (Week 4 playing "Stay with Me")
About Sam Smith
Samuel Fredrick Smith is a popular English song writer/singer in the pop, R&B, and soul genres.
He is 22 years old and was born on May 19, 1992 in Cambridgeshire, UK.
He was first featured in October 2012 with Latch's breakthrough hit "Disclosure".
He has won multiple awards and has/had hits on the UK charts and the US Billboard Hot 100.
Sam Smith started singing at the age of eight years old when his parents heard him singing "My Love is Your Love" by Whitney Houston.
He had six managers by the age of age 12.
His mother was making 500,000 euros a year and supported her son in his singing career.
Personal Life
Smith is influenced in his singing by...
Amy Winehouse
Lady Gaga
Whitney Houston
Mariah Carey
Becoming Famous
At age 20, in 2012, when Disclosures "Latch" came out, he was brought to fame when the song became a hit.
In 2013 he joined Naughty Boy for their song "La La La".
"Latch" peaked at number 11 on the UK singles chart and "La La La" hit number 1 on the UK singles chart.
By Jacob Buurman, Kierston
Riley, and Travis Strube

Fun Facts
Smith has been writing songs since he was 16.
The first song he ever wrote was called "Yellow Hat".
Sam Smith exclaimed he had severe OCD which effected him in many ways.
Before he leaves his home, he checks the taps on his sink, afraid that his house might flood.
On a Fader magazine issue, Smith revealed he was gay.
One of his favorite T.V. shows is "Modern Family".
He used to scrub toilets at a bar as a job before he became famous.
Sam has won 11 awards and most likely has a lot more coming in the future. These awards are...
MBO Awards- The best song AND the best video awards
Q Awards- Best New Artist
Young Hollywood Awards- The Breakout music award
American Music Awards- Favorite male artist pop/rock
Family Life
Singer/model Lily Allen is Smith's third cousin, along with her brother, Alfie Allen, who was an actor in
The Game of Thrones
According to Smith, he has a very large family and only met Lily Allen once, and didn't know that she was a cousin of his until recently.
His mother made 500,00 euros a year and supported Smith's love of singing as a successful banker.
His father was a stay-at-home dad.
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