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Hes my puppy.

Zachary Smith

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of Dudley

Dudley He's my dog. He loves to chase
Animals.. (my cat) He's a champ. so people sayy And he really likes his dog treats, but when he gets one he hides and eats it. Sleeps... ALL THE TIME. He would be good at catch if he would bring the toy back to me. The cat kinda hates him a bit. But he likes her. haha He likes to cuddle.
He has a dog house that looks like a real house but REALLY small. He will be 4 years old this year he was born in June. We use him to go hunting, that is what most beagles are used for. He used to love to chew anything he could find but we soon had a stop to that. He dioesn't like to go swimming he is kinda afraid to go.
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