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IE Application - Question I

Marcela Ampuero Morisaki

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of Cooking

by Marcela Ampuero
"The poor poet writes poetry and makes you mourn, the sad painter paints pictures and excites you, and the sad musician composes songs and makes you sing. For the sad cook, cooking is forbidden”
Gaston Acurio
How it all started
I started in the culinary world when my parents began their own gastronomy institute. At first, I did not like cooking but when I realized how exciting and fulfilling it was, I wanted to learn all about it.
Why do I like cooking?
Cooking changed my life because it involves commitment and patience. When you are passionate about something it is easier to achieve the best result possible. As renowned chefs say: Dishes are delicious as long as you are happy making them.
I think that one of the reasons that I first fell in-love with cooking was that I like watching people enjoy the meals I prepare for them. Also because it is a way to gather friends and family at the table and have a pleasant time together.
How has it
helped me?
The most important part of starting a dish is the “mise en place” (putting in place). With the cooking I have learned how to organize and set up the necessary ingredients to prepare a delicious recipe. Preparation is key to success because you always have to plan ahead in order to achieve your goals.
Proper preparation
One of the ways cooking develops my creativity is because I like to mix ingredients from different types of cuisine. For example, I always add Japanese ingredients to traditional Peruvian recipes. I think this helps me think outside the box instead of just following the recipe literally.
Cooking at home has helped me develop independence and an attitude towards savings. I think it is an efficient way to live healthier and on a budget. I like eating at restaurants but if possible I always try to do it myself.
Chefs Dilemma
One of my best recipes!
Lomo Saltado
And best of all:
Who does not like to eat?
"Nikkei food": a mixture of peruvian and japanese cuisine.
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