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Italy and Australian Schools

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Lana Ali

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Italy and Australian Schools

Italian and Australian Schools
La Scuola in Italia

Australian Schools
Italian Schools
Australian schools are very different from Italian schools. They attend school 5 times a week, 6-7 hours a day. Most Australian school have identical uniform, so they can tell which school the child attends. You start Primary school when you are at the age of 4-5, then middle school from year 6-9 or year 10. Then you are a senior in year 11 and 12. Teenagers finish school at the age of 17 or 18, then move to UNI or collage to study for their future job. Australian schools all have recess and lunch, to have a break, have fun with their friends and eat. Most schools here have something special about them, like the name of the school, sports they play or teach, or different kinds of Arts. But most schools are the same all around Australia.
Italian schools are actually very different to australian schools. For starters people who attend school in Italy go to school 6 days a week (Monday-Saturday). 8:30am till lunch, which most people go home for. Some people stay and use the canteen (la mensa). Before lunch a snack is usually eaten it mostly consits of a sandwich and fruit juice (la merenda). Some students return to school after lunch for extra activities. The youngest children attend nursery school and then move on to primary school (la scuola elementare) at the age of 6. Schools in Italy dont have a uniform but in primary school they have to wear a long sleeved overall on top of what they are wearing (un grembiulino). Middle school (la scuola media) starts at age 11 and finishes at 14. After middle school students have to decide on a career and then the choice of senior school (scuola superiore) is decided accordingly. There are schools for catering, scientific, art, engineering etc. Senior school finishes at 19 and by this time a lot of people regret the decision they made as a 14 year old. This creates problems because they dont have the right requirements for uni. After senior school students need to gain a diploma if they want to enter university. The main school holidays (le ferie) in Italy is the summer holiday, which starts in mid june and finishes in mid September.
. Students attend nursery school before official school.

. Students finish school at about the same age.

.Both schools have a diary that is used throughout the school year.

.Both schools they have a certain order they attend school in. (primary, middle senior etc.)

By Lana and Eden
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