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What is a Novel?

A brief definition to novel and the different types of it.

vamcydher kilari

on 30 October 2015

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Transcript of What is a Novel?

What is a Novel?
Characteristics of a novel
Invented prose narrative
Considerable length and a certain complexity
Connected sequence of events involving a group of persons in a specific setting.
Created from the author’s imagination.
It needs to have sections, chapters, scenes
Usually have from 60,000 to 200,000 words or from 300 to 1,300 pages or more.
It can't be amorphous

Types and Styles
The genre of the novel has encompassed an extensive range of types and styles:
Utilize the convention of letter writing and are among the earliest novel forms
always told in first person
allows the reader to interact directly with the protagonist
concentrates on the misadventures of a young rogue
Idealistic, imaginative, and adventuresome. It is the cornerstone of the novel, which often includes exotic locales
grounded in a real context and relies heavily on setting and factual details
Concerned with the macabre, supernatural, and exotic
They need to decide how they are going to tell their stories (point of view).
They have to decide (based on their imagination) the beginning and ending of their stories and how their chapters will be related to each other.
They need to find a way in which the readers will be amused or involved into the story.
Their novels need to have a style.
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