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The Gold Rush

California faced an influx of new settler in the year 1849

Scott Schumaier

on 12 October 2016

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Transcript of The Gold Rush

Gold Rush

Sutter's Mill
John Sutter - 1st to find
gold in California
News Spread Quickly
The Rush Began in 1849 - 80,000 made journey to California
Sailto Panama then up to California
Overland by the Oregon-California Trail
3 Paths to California
Life at a Mining Camp
Poor Food
Play Cards
Most didn't make it rich
People came from ALL over the world
250,000 people came to Cal
California becomes state in 1850
San Fransico Pop Grows by 35,000 in five years
Sail to Panama then up to California
18,000 Miles Around South America
Inquiry Question: Was it worth moving to California in the mid 1800s?
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