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Open Access in Global Climate Change Research

A simple institutional index based on % of peer-review publications that are accessible through (gold and/or green) OA via the internet, can be a very powerful tool for both administrators and funders to see where their efforts and institutions rank

Ivo Grigorov

on 8 September 2011

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Transcript of Open Access in Global Climate Change Research

% "Climate change is one of the greatest challenges the world will have to face in the 21st century" Kofi Annan, UN Secretary-General,
New York, 31 May 2002 "Warming of the climate system is unequivocal."

"... very likely due to the observed increase in anthropogenic greenhouse gas concentrations." IPCC Fourth Assessment Report, 2007 Science, 19 Nov 2010 Please meet a caricature
of our target audience: Homo SSSapiens http://brumskeptics.blogspot.com Sceptical Suspicious Scientific Books Conference
abstracts Peer-reviewed Research Primary data Images Audio Video Anthropology
... Zoology Climate Earth Sciences Marine Sciences area of operation Climategate Nov 2009: = scientist Disclaimer: Your presentation is delivered neither by an OA expert, nor by a renown researcher (but determination just might make up for it!) An annual OA performance index:

HOW vs WHY? Ivo Grigorov, DTU-Aqua
OAI7, Geneva, 22 June 2011 Case study:

A consortium of Europe's
top 26 marine institutes

agreed to hear out an OA
cost-benefit analysis ! = administrator Let's look at a case study $$$ Impact
Factor Prof. Bernard Rentier,
Rector of the University of Liège 80% of peer-reviewed articles
freely accessible NOW Lesson:

Forget the HOW,
focus on WHY ! because...

it motivates sceptics because...

it lets institutions
"create" a locally
viable OA solution ! how about an experiment ? Nature, 1 July 2010 because...

it makes institutions
proprietors of their
Open Access solution ! Pixar Inc. The green
road The gold
road ample
for Open Access Prof. Tom Cochrane
Deputy Vice-Chancellor,
QUT mirage or feasable? Thank you! Reaction? Precedent 1 Precedent 2 Reaction? None! Demonstration of a partners performance: Evidence? Why would a % performance
ranking be a good idea? Why would a % performance
ranking be a good idea? Why would a % performance
ranking be a good idea? 18/26 members of the
Eur-Oceans Consortium
voted in favour of a mandate Mandate adopted
& registered on
ROARMAP Graduate Schools
support OA training OA enters
mainstream We are used to rankings... ... despite the imperfections! So, why not an OA performance ranking? Research
Assesmentsdata Repository
content the scientists put on
their political hats
and scrutinise... ta cost-benefit analysis... It has been
done before: Science, 11 Feb 2011
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