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Copy of El pan

Geografía turística

Dario Abril

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of El pan

Manabi's people cultivate rice, coffee, cocoa, rubber, banana, cassava, peanuts, etc., plus grown almost every tropical fruit trees.
Ranching is also an important resource and the fishing is a huge economic resource and food of the Manabitan people.
There is also the manufacture of craft items from paja toquilla, wicker furniture and ceramics.
Mestizos: 69.7%
Montubios: 19.2%
Afro-ecuadorian: 6%
White People: 4.7%
Indigenous: 0.2%
Others: 0.3% Generalities GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION AND GEOREFERRED LIMITS HIDROGRAPHY The hydrological disposition is wide, with few perennial rivers, among the most prominent are: Manta, Portoviejo, Chone and Briceno.
"HIDROGRAFIA".internet.http://www.gobernacionmanabi.gob.ec/manabi.php. Acceso: 20 mayo 2012.
Some of the rivers in this province are used to the transport and there are also several dry-rivers, which means that grow only in winter times
"HIDROGRAFIA". ATLAS DEL ECUADOR. Quito, Codice, 2012. 42-43. OROGRAPHY Manabi coast covers an area of 350 km; its main range is Chongon-Colonche coming from Guayas, take names of Paján and then Puca.
the major landforms from north to south are: las puntas pedernales, Ballena, Palmar, Brava, Lharapoto, Bahía de Caráquez, Manta, Cüjimíes y de Crucita.
In front of Cayo, 15 km. of the coast is the island La Plata and less extensive Salango. "Orography".internet.http://www.visitaecuador.com/costa.php?opcion=datos&provincia=14. Acceso: 20 mayo 2012. HISTORY The ancient province people were Machalilla and Valdivia cultures
San Gregorio de Portoviejo was founded on march 12 of 1535.
On october 18 of 1820, Manabitan peopledeclared their independence from the spanish domination.
Manabi province was created in june 25 of 1824.
"HIDROGRAFIA". ATLAS DEL ECUADOR. Quito, Codice, 2012. 42-43. POLITIC DIVISION At north with Esmeraldas province.
At south with Guayas province
At east with Los Rios, Guayas and Santo Domingo
At west with The Ocean Pacific The province of Manabí has 22 cantons:
El Carmen
Flavio Alfaro
Desde el mar hasta el verde collado
soberana en tu alcázar de gloria,
te levantas en nidos de historia
para orgullo del noble Ecuador.

En tus venas la sangre bravía
de los Caras se ensancha pujante,
das al cielo una luz rutilante
y a tus surcos de Umiña el verdor. THE SHELD http://www.welcomeecuador.com/images/manabi14.jpg http://www.ecuador.travel/espanol/components/com_fpss/images/frailes_machalilla_manabi.jpg Rocafuerte
Santa Ana
24 de Mayo
Puerto López
San Vicente
Jama The province of Manabi is bathed in its entirety by the Pacific Ocean, is located in the center of the coastal region and the country. Spanning both sides of the equator, from 0 °, 25' north latitude to 1, 57' south latitude and 79 ° 24' east longitude to 80 °, 55' west longitude. http://www.codeso.com/Fotos2/Manabi_Jaramijo_pesca_Man0001a.JPG THE FLAG Political distribution http://www.inec.gob.ec/sitio_cartografia/010113.pdf migration registers very high levels, principally are destinies like Guayas and Pichincha. Birth, Ferliity and Mortality rates Birth 19.9%
Fertility 3.5 children
mortality 4.1% COMUNICATIÓN WAYS
Manabivende (empresarial news paper)
Grillo televisión
Altamar Radio
Vicam producciones(TV)
Puntonet (Internet)
EDIASA (news paper)
also cellular thelephoy CLARO, MOVISTAR y CNT Networks Road ways
before, manabi was known as the worst road's province of the country, so, the turistic flow was severely affected, but now and thanks of the goverment's inversion, we found first order roads.
The most important road of the province is Transversal Central or E30, which comes out of Manabi and ends up almost to Quito. Another important way for the province is the Vía or Troncal del Pacifico (E15), crossing by the provinces of Esmeraldas, Manabí and Santa Elena.
"MANABI: DE VIAS DESTROZADAS A CONSTRUIDAS EN PAVIMENTO RIGIDO".internet. http://www.mtop.gob.ec/noticias.php?id=2590. Acceso: 23 mayo 2012. INFRAESTRUCTURE BASIC SERVICES In the middle of the Ecuadorian coast is the province of Manabi, a land of enchantment, full of passion and beauty. Its beautiful beaches, hotel infrastructure and real estate are not only the magnet national tourists are also of foreigners arriving in major cruise ships. His fame comes from the kindness of its people.
In Manabi find that most people prefer to stay is in Manta,Caraquez Bay,Pedernales and Portoviejo to business to have a good number of hotels.
As food and rinks establishments of tourists are prefer Caraquez Bay, San Vicente , Pedernales , Manta and Rocafuerte the city have the best candy in the province. There ia a lack of adequate basic services in all parishes, including urban areas such as Caraquez Bay (83%). Other parishes, show lower values.

COOTAD, will serve in Manabi: works and basic services
The Law of Land Code will benefit Manabi with more works, assured the Assemblywoman Shceznarda Fernandez. Governance Authorities Governor
Lcda. Ma. Luisa Moreno I. Prefect
Ing. Mariano Zambrano Segovia Vice- prefect
Ma. Beatriz Ordoñez Entities TRANSPORT A.D.P.M
Corporación Forestal y Ambiental de Manabí.
La Agencia de Promoción de Inversión de Manabí.
Manabi has hospital, health centers, private clinics, fire departamet, police ofices, elementary schools, high schools, university, financial entities, among others. Compañía de carga pesada Reina del cisne Cia.LtdaCuenca- AzuayCarga pesada
Ormo Express S.aQuito- PichinchaCarga pesada
Ney-Barrionuevo Cia.LtdaQuito- PichinchaCarga pesada
Trailesa S.aGuayaquil- GuayasCarga pesada
Trans. Caramecel S.aGuayaquil- GuayasCarga pesada
Cargas del pacificoGuayaquil-Guayas Carga pesada
Davtel S.a Manta- ManabíServicios
Tour Car BigManabíServicios
Agemarade Cia.ltdaManabí Servicios
Manabita de transporteGuayaquil- Manabí Servicios
transamericaTodo el país Servicios
Cuenca viajes (Operadora de turismo)Cuenca-MantaServicios
ToursVan S.a Cuenca- Manabí Servicios Principal laws and mandates •Constitución Política de la República del Ecuador: R. O. No. 1, Agosto 11 de 1998.
•Ley de Régimen Provincial: Codificación de la Ley , R. O. No. 288; 20 de marzo 2001
•Ley de Régimen Administrativo
•Ley Especial de Descentralización del Estado y de Participación Social y su reglamento
•Ley Especial de Distribución del 15% del Presupuesto del Gobierno Central para los Gobiernos Seccionales. Reg. Of. No. 27 del 20 de marzo de 1997
•Ley Orgánica de Administración Financiera y Control
•Ley del Fondo de Desarrollo Seccional (FODESEC)
•Ley del Ley Fondo de Desarrollo Provincial (FONDEPRO)
•Ley que otorga donaciones voluntarias, participación en el Impuesto a la renta: Reg. Of. No. 716-Diciembre 2 ?2001.
•Ordenanzas, Reglamentos, Acuerdos y resoluciones que norman la administración del H. Consejo Provincial de Manabí
•Ley Orgánica de Administración Financiera y Control ? LOAFYC, No. 1429 Registro Oficial No. 337 de mayo 16 de 1977, Ley de Control Financiero (1978)
•Ley y Reglamento del Servicio Civil y Carrera Administrativa, Ley y Reglamento de Contratación Pública, Ley de Consultoría, Código de Trabajo y otras leyes que conforman la normatividad jurídica ecuatoriana y que tienen inherencia directa con los Consejos Provinciales Also we can found the international airport Eloy Alfaro and a great fluvial transport sistem where usually arrives several national and international cruises. Economic Activities There are also picturesque villages, attractive beaches, the most known are:, Machalilla, Los Frailes, Puerto Lopez, etc. These are tourist points that provide a great source of money to the province.
"Turismo en la Provincia de Manabí".internet.http://www.ecuale.com/manabi/. Acceso: 24 mayo 2012. The main economic activities are agriculture (cocoa, coffee, bananas, corn, rice, cotton, fruits), forest resources, raising cows, pigs, aviculture, shrimp farms, agro-industries (manufacture of fats and oils, confectionery , chemical, paper, ceramics), the craft of wicker and toquilla straw and mining (limestone, clay, gypsum). What Until 1997 the largest economy in Manabi was the production of coffee, but with soil and trees depletion, the production and marketing decreased, then aquaculture was gaining strength and become a great source of employment. shrimp was excellent, and I began to export and even cocoa and coffee mainly through port. History Tourism manabi is a region with special features that allow you to be a potential for tourism development, which has led to an evolution of projects to attract travelers from Ecuador and around the world.

Here you can make several kinds of tourism such as

ministerio de turismo."estructura del turismo manabita". invenario de atractivos turisticos de manabi. portoviejo. vivecuador. 2005 (8) turistical activities crafts
of rest
events and conventions
sun and sand
cultural. Turistic
Infraestructure manabi has a wide range of places to stay, because of the large number of visitors, both Ecuadorian and foreign
throughout the province find lodgings of 3 and 4 stars, but we can manta the city to find the hotels "green gold" and howard johnson that are the only elite provided with a classification of 5 stars each the main products sold in the province are:
Isla de la Plata

Agua Blanca

Sendero El Rocío

Sendero Bola de Oro


"Actividades turisticas en manabi". internet.http://www.tuzco.com/actividades-turisticas-puerto-lopez-ecuador.html. acceso: 24 junio 2012. Packages and
tourist projects Culture Gastronomy Manabi is distinguished by its varied cuisine and appreciated nationally and internationally.
most of them are based on seafood, bananas, peanuts, cheese and fine spices. corviches and patties of banana milk and coconut sweet crab viche Most important cultural festivals 15 de Febrero de 1945 – Cantonización de 24 de Mayo.
12 de Marzo de 1535 – Cantonización de Portoviejo.
25 de Junio de 1822 – Cantonización de Montecristi.
25 de Junio de 1824 – Creación de la Provincia de Manabí.
04 de Noviembre de 1922 – Cantonización de Manta.
23 de Octubre de 1820 – Independencia de Montecristi.
28 de Agosto – Fiesta de San Agustín.
Ultimo Domingo de Julio – Fiesta del Señor de la Buena Esperanza. "fiestas de manabi". internet.. acceso: 24 junio 2012. "fiestas de manabi". internet.yebool.com.ec/tag/comida-tipica-manabi. acceso: 24 junio 2012. music and folklore The traditional music of manabi, are the pasillo and bolero when we talk about folklore, in manabi we can easily look the traditional wearing, that consists in white guayabera and light white pants with paja toquilla's hats In Manabi can be observed: domestic crafts such as backpacks Paján used for sleeping, clay pots, panama hat, etc.. and as for the decorative craft there: furniture carts way, t jewelry based on tagua wood or stone. CRAFTS The Legend of the Hummingbird.
The story goes that at the time of pregnant women Chonanas the midwife I was preparing a special potion base of the heart of a hummingbird. The heart of the hummingbird was dissected and dissolved it with the juice of the orange blossom. According to tradition was born when the baby was given a bit of the potion because if a child inherited the bravery and courage of the hummingbird and if a child is transmitting the beauty of orange blossom.
Other legends as the monk and nun, the male superhuman goddess Umina, the giants. Legends It is an ecological reserve of flora and fauna in danger, with archaeological remains of the Machalilla culture. This park includes museums, forests, and two small islands: La Plata and Salango. NATIONAL PARK MACHALILLA CARAQUEZ BAY The spacious beaches. You can cross by boat or barge the Chone River estuary to the beach of San Vicente. This area is a major producer of shrimp. Birthplace of the famous revolutionary liberal Eloy Alfaro. The city is known for being the center of handicrafts made of straw shawl and furniture. They also have the best sweet milk of Ecuador MONTECRISTI Its main attractions are the beaches of Crucita, Laguna del Encanto, Estadio Reales Tamarindos, churches, Catedral Metropolitana, and the festivals are celebrated on September 24 in honor of the Virgen de la Merced and independence on 18 October. PORTOVIEJO POZOS DE CHOCONCHÁ-JIPIJAPA CASCADA DE PROCEL BOSQUE DE HOJAS ECOSISTEMA DE PACOCHE OTHER ATRACTIVES
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