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Battle of Thermopylae

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Yu Chen Wang

on 25 January 2015

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Transcript of Battle of Thermopylae

http://www.japanfocus.org/data/thermopylae.jpg - Overview Map Of Greece & Persia
https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/1/1f/Battle_of_Thermopylae.pdf/page1-1280px-Battle_of_Thermopylae.pdf.jpg - Map of Battleground
http://www.ancientgreekbattles.net/Pics/Thermop56L.jpg - Painting of Battle of Thermopylae
http://www.history.com/images/media/slideshow/sparta/leonidas-statue.jpg - Statue of Leonidas

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Works Cited

Narrowness of the battlefield was beneficial to Greeks.
Persian military could not attack all at once.
Knowing that they would be defeated, Leonidas ordered Athenian army to retreat.

300 Spartan warriors (and some others) held off Xerxes’ forces for 3 days.

The Battle

Greeks needed to hold off Persians (provide time for Athenian evacuation to Salamis)

If Persians prevented this, they likely would have conquered Athens and its military

This battle was crucial towards preventing Persian victory

What’s At Stake?

Enormous military prevented Persians from reaching Athens by sea.

Persians needed to pass through Thermopylae.

Geography & Persian Attack Strategy

– 480 B.C. (August 20 – September 10)

Greek City States (Athens, Sparta, etc.) v. Persian Empire
– Leonidas (Sparta) v. Xerxes I (Persia)
Military Strength
(Herodotus) – 5,000+ Greek (300 Spartans) v. 2,500,000 Persians

First battle of second Persian invasion
In response to the Persian defeat at Battle of Marathon (first Persian invasion)

Introductory Facts

Noam & Yuchen

Battle Of Thermopylae

Greek traitor informed Persians of a mountain path.

Enabled Persians to attack Spartans from both sides.
Persians eventually defeated the Spartans.

Spartans provided enough time for Athenians to evacuate.
Spartans killed 20,000+ Persians (Herodotus).
Battle fought in narrow pass (between Gulf of Malia and Kallindromos Mountains).
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