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Walmart and Mattel :

No description

Chattramongkon Dookaew

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Walmart and Mattel :

- Walmart stores, built an inventory and SCM system
Thank you
for your attentions
Walmart and Mattel :
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
What is SCM ?
Processes from supplier
to manufacturer
to wholesaler
to retailer
to consumer.

Supply Chain Map
Why SCM?
Advantages of Supply Chain Management
Enable business for growth
- Expansion of the market
Improve business plans and working strategies
Improve relationships with vendors and distributors
Lower production costs
- Plans for materials to be brought
- Reduce inventory
Improve quality and gives higher profit margin
ฆSCM of Walmart
Supply Chain Management (SCM) Best Practice.
1.) Heavily in cutting-edge technology to identify and track sales on the individual item level.
2.) The Bentonville Arkansas-based retail giant made its IT infrastructure a key competitive advantage that has been studies and copied by companies around the world
3.) The company is still pushing the limits of SCM
: Searching for an supporting better technology
that promises to make its IT infrastructure more efficient
RFID (Radio frequency identification)
For example, may replace bar codes and security tags with a combination technology that costs less money
4.) Walmart saw the value of sharing data with suppliers
It eventually moved that information online on its
Retail Link website
Opening its sales and inventory databases
to supplies is what made Walmart the powerhouse it is today
5.) While its competition guarded sales information
Walmart treated their suppliers as if they were partners, not adversaries.
6.) By implementing CPFR Program:
Walmart began a just in time inventory program that reduced carrying costs for both the retailer and its suppliers
7.) That efficiency is the key factor in maintaining
Walmart low-price leadership among retailers
"Their margins can be far lower other retailers because they have such an efficiency supply chain"
Abell says.
SCM of Mattel
" Blurred the lines between supplier and customer. You are both working to the same end : To sell as much product as possible without either of us having too much inventory "
Mattel's Eckroth
1.) It gets buy in from its suppliers to an incredible degree. That's because its programs and practices benefit not just the retailer but it's partner as well
2.) Getting the supply chain optimized inside of Mattel is only 50% of the equation, the other 50% is getting tight linked with everyone of our customers so that we are reaching as quickly as they have given us the data
Tight links, will enable Mattel to tackle the next big business problem :
increasing manufacturing efficiency

3.) Get information about the sales pace of toy and either ramping up or shutting down manufacturing depends on my having data
4.) The greatest efficiencies will appear
when the kind of trusting mutually
beneficial relationship Mattel has with
Walmart is duplicated with the rest of the
manufacturer's retail outlets
" Having that data on a global basis from everyone of my customers allows me to optimize the sales of my products and the fill rates of my customers "
or interlinked networks
The management of the flow of goods
- Movement and storage of raw materials
- Work-in-process inventory
- Goods from origin to consumption
Globalisation of business
More competitors
Competitive advantages
Market fluctuations
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