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Deanna G

on 1 May 2010

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Transcript of Fashion

Fashion in the 1920's

Men were abanding the hefty-looking, broad-shouldered suits for skinnier, unpadded, more boyish looking jackets.

WOMEN'S FASHION The Feminine Liberation movement had a strong effect on women's fashions Bobbed Hair Do New felt cloche hats appear with little or no decoration in colors that match the day's dress. Hats are pulled down to the eyes, and their brims are turned up in the front or back. Flappers MENS FASHION Suit pants also underwent a major changge. Creasees appeared on the front and the sides whiles cuffs replaced hems. Eton Crop Shingle do Overview:
Fashion at this time included; clothing, hygiene and cosmetic products, automoblies, home appliances and furnishings
Clothing styles originated in Europe; womens clothing was from France, while mens was from England.
Fashion was changed based on the activities that people were involved in as well as the changes within the country.

Fashion Affected By Society
Womens- 19th amendment and the various activities they were involved in
Mens- Prohibition Law in place along with showing others their status Men got away from wearing
formal clothing and began
to wear sporty clothes for the
first time in history. Mens hats were rated by the class
Upper class- top hats or homburg hat
Middle class- Fedora's
Lower class- flat cap or no hat at all Relations to Today's Society
The look of women’s clothing has changed a lot over time, though it is coming back to being very similar in today’s fashion.


•1920's dresses with hemlines that continually became higher over the decade were worn. Fashion designers experimented with fabric colors, textures and patterns to create completely new styles of dress.

•Leggings/stockings and shoes became very popular in the 20’s and still are today.

•Women wore and still wear sporty clothing.


•The length of dresses that were considered short in the 1920’s would appear very long in modern fashion.

•Women wore girdles to make their chests appear flatter in the 1920’s and wore high neck shirts.

•Jeans are worn more than they were back then.

•Shorter hairdos are not as popular and it is rare to see bob or shingle cuts. Hats are not as popular either.

The look of clothing has not changed much since the 1920’s. However, an exception would be casual wear.


•The suits that men like to wear today are strongly based on the suits that men wore in the late 1920's.

•Baggy pants became common


•Men’s casual wear in the 1920’s usually consisted of linen knickers, a V-necked sweater with a bow tie.

•The numbers of quality suit cutters and tailors has significantly decreased

•Jazz clothing passed quickly in and out of fashion during the twenties

short sleek hair
a shorter than average shapeless shift dress
a chest as flat as a board
wore make up and applied it in public
smoked with a long cigarette holder
exposed her limbs
epitomised the spirit of a reckless rebel who danced the nights away in the Jazz Age.
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