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Psychology AS social influence lesson 2


Amanda Lane

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Psychology AS social influence lesson 2

AS Psychology
Imagine that you are on your way to 6th form and you meet 3 of your very best chums on the way...
Now analyse your chum scenario using Asch's theory and determine likelihood that you will conform.
The 3 three chums can't be bothered with 6th form today and decide to bunk off school and invite you along with them
The idea of this task was to highlight that despite there being an obvious correct answer, people in a group situation will usually conform to normative social influence.
Identified 3 different aspects of a situation that changed the likelihood that someone would conform
Optimum conformity happens when the majority size comprises of 3 people. Increasing the size of the majority does not effect levels of conformity. People suspect deceit if the majority rises above 4. Conformity does not occur with just one other person.
2) Majority size
You on the other hand are very much looking forward to your lesson with Mrs Lane as she is the most amazeballs teacher in the whole wide world ever twice....
In what ways might your chums try to persuade you to go with them?
How might you try to resist the pressure from your chums to bunk off?
To bunk or not to bunk, that is the question?
Is this NORMATIVE or INFORMATIONAL social influence?
Why might this be?
Asch (1951)
Levels of conformity drop when just one other member of a group sides with the minority.
3) Nature of situation
Levels of conformity increase when a situation becomes more difficult.
What do you think will happen if your best friend were one of the three?
How do you think your likelihood of conforming will change if your chums were trying to convince you over the phone?
According to Asch, you are more likely to conform if you have a 'partner' ie: a bezzie!
What would you do?
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