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Dustin Snyder

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of GMO

G.M.O. and Golden Rice
Kills insects that attack plants
Roundup ends up in wetlands
GMOs are not labeled in US
Golden Rice
There are many issues related to consumption of genetically engineered crops. They can greatly increase the nutritional value of food as well as the productivity of crops, while at the same time provide many safety as well environmental concerns. The choice of genetically engineered foods should be placed onto consumer not held in the dark by those in power of the government and large corporations which only can about money.
Gmos and Golden Rice
By: Dust
Mostly positive results
By: Dust
faster and efficient production
Can help with poverty and hunger
Very little evidence that show they're dangerous.
more nutritious
more resistant to the unexpected problems of disease.
No health problems or environmental changes
quarter of milk comes from injected cows
Roundup causes birth defects to amphibians and birds
Phosphorus and fecal matter into marine ecosystems
Created for humanitarian purposes
Killed 80% of frogs in one day
Cause liver and kidney toxicity
Its a more sustainable and effective source for vitamin A
It benefits countries that are going blind, for countries that lack vitamin A
Cause of cancer
starting to be labeled in some states
the BT GMO kills insects like honey bees and ladybugs
Monsanto makes it impossible to study their products
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