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Final Presentation

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Yosra Jlassi

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of Final Presentation

Training Report
The Active Process of Leadership
At Monastir Airport

Submitted by:
Yosra Jlassi Safa Trimech
Setting the Scene
Work Role Exprerience
Learning Outcomes

Primary Research
The Landside and Terminal Operation Department
* Call Center
* Ramp Tower
* Statistics
Terminal supervision
Work Role Experience
Learning Outcomes
New mechanisms of comunication are acquired
- How to be a good listener
- How to use formal language with managers
- How to apply the body language when
Communication Skills
Personal Skills
-Team work
The Leadership Process
How satisfied are you with the teamwork spirit within the airport?

Does your manager use employee feedback to make progress?
Your manager follows the company's principles

Does your manager offer opportunities for you to acquire new skills?
Interview Analysis
The leadership process is a paramount approach.
Total satisfaction with the team effort.
The arrangement of meetings with inattentive employees.

Summary of the Main findings
The leadership process is implemented by few managers.
The dearth of collaboration between some managers.
The airport' regulations are somewhat treasured by the managers.
The deficiency of motivation sources.

Employee’s training

Thank You For Your Attention
* Screening
* Scheduling
* Information Desk
* Counter Allocation
Company Profile
Habib Bourguiba International airport:
was launched in 1968
was under the authority of OPAT which became OACA in 1998
Witnessed two main extentions: 1981/1983
Capacity of 3.5 million passengers
The Development of the Company
A public institution under the authority of the tunisian ministry of transport.
Operates 9 tunisian airports.
In charge of operating, managing ,and developing airports.
Awarded the direction of the airport to Tape Akfe Venture for a period of 40 years.

Established in 1997
Concerned with two major activities:
1-controlling air traffic
2-managing airport
It has 14 airports spread in 7 countries
It began operating Monastir Airport on january 1, 2008

* Screening
* Scheduling
* Information Desk
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