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Basic Standards

Presentation of YFU BS and short description of its 7 areas of application.

Gerardo Garcia

on 28 February 2011

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Transcript of Basic Standards

Basic Standards Even within the culturally diverse world in which YFU programs are operated, standards were always practiced.
However it was in 1977 when a number of procedural minimum standards were put in writing for the first time.
In 1985 the IAC resolved to develop and apply the Basic Standards as we know them today. 1. Promotion 2. Recruitment and Selection 3. Host Family Selection and Placement 4. Orientation 5. Participant Support/Counseling 6. Ongoing Program Involment 7. Structural and Operational Issues The basic context for the Basic Standards are the
Educational Goals of YFU. It defines the ethics, expectations, responsibility
as well as the identity that is presented in our
promotional materials. As an educational organization, YFU has a responsibility
for the quality of its programs and the well-being of
participating students and host families. It must therefore
apply an element of selectivity to the recruitment of participants. Determines the HF qualifications, selection process,
and placement but most importantly it gives the YFU definition of a HF. Provides details of the form, content, processes
and documentation of the support that participants
should be provided by YFU. Selection, orientation and support help students
to assume responsibility for exchange. Homecoming,
evaluation, long-term evaluation are part of the
program as they provide documentation of the learning
achieved. Helps define the characteristics that an organization must comply to be called a
YFU Organization. The International Basic Standards are applied to 7 areas. To offer high quality programs
orientation is needed. To be a succesful exchange student,
orientation is needed.
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