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Sports Leaders Responsibilities and Qualities

No description

Jade Mulcahy

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Sports Leaders Responsibilities and Qualities

Sports Leaders' Skills, Responsibilities and Qualities
Learning objectives:
1- Know the qualities, skills and responsibilities needed to be an effective sports leader.
2- Understand why successful sports leaders are essential.
3- To be able to identify bad examples of sports leadership skills, responsibilities and qualities.
Legal obligations
When leading a group of under 16 year olds, you are legally obliged to seek permission from the parents or carers before any activity can take place. if your sport is considered as a contact sport, the groups cannot be mixed gender.
Ethics and values
Good sportsmanship is about being fair and honest. sports leaders should encourage the members to respect each other and their opponents. They must follow the rules and etiquette expected by the sport.
Make notes on/find examples of:
- Good leadership
- Bad leadership
- Rules --> followed or not
- Fair play
- Health and safety
- Equipment/kit
Discuss Kes
What types of communication were used?
What equipment was used? A variety?
Good knowledge of football shown?
Structure of activities?
Appearance - good or bad?
Personality - approachable?
Motivated the learners?
Humour in the lesson?
Leadership style
How will
deliver your session?

What skills, qualities and responsibilities will you include?
Are these sport leaders?
Are they good or bad?
Identify your
quality, skill or responsibility you feel makes you a good, successful sports leader.
Now find someone from the opposite side of the room to share you attribute.

Using key words from the unit.
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