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Language Presentation Diego and Lucas

No description

Matias Grande

on 29 April 2015

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Transcript of Language Presentation Diego and Lucas

Language Presentation on Discrimination: Nazi's segregation
by Lucas Posse and Diego Goldaracena

Kristallnacht as an example
In 1938,the Nazis launched a violent strike against the jewish community.This strike resulted in the death of 91 jews, the smashing up of their shops and workplace, hundreds of synagogues getting burnt down and twenty thousand jews that were taken to concentration camps.

The role of black people during nazism
African German children were marginalized in German society, isolated socially and economically, and not allowed to attend university.

Racial discrimination prohibited them from seeking most jobs, including service in the military.By 1937,German secret state police had forcibly sterilized many of them. Some were subjected to medical experiments; others mysteriously “disappeared.”

To sum up, they were dehumanized and seen as even more inferior than animals.
The ideology of an Aryan Race during Nazi Germany (1930s)

Nazism developed several hypotheses concerning races. The Nazis claimed to scientifically measure a strict hierarchy of a human race; the "master race" was said to be the best race,the Aryan race.

Nazi ideology saw jews,black people,gypsies,homosexuals and mentally handicapped as inferior.
All in all, during this period people based their ideas in prejudice and segregation was part of their lifestyle;german ideology towards races was very strict and segregated different groups of people.
It was horrible to live in germany if you were jew, black or a homosexual because of the treatments the nazis had towards everyone who was different.
This time in history is well known for how harsh and unequal people were with those who weren't from the 'aryan race'
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