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The Cartoons Your Children Watch Have a Major Impact Upon Th

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Melissa Sampson

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of The Cartoons Your Children Watch Have a Major Impact Upon Th

The Cartoons Your Children Watch Has a Major Impact Upon Their Lives
Socially Extended Mind
The objects around you have an effect upon you; even inanimate objects. . . . .
By Shaun Gallagher
What do we recommend?
Monkey See Monkey Do
Common things around us effect our behavior.....
Our Vision
1. Goals & Objectives
Goals and Objectives
Today's Situation
Today's cartoons are very different.
Today's cartoons contain:
Sensual content
They dont teach kids anything.

How Did We Get Here?
The cartoons of today are more concernced with . . .
6. Recommend ways to avoid damaging effects
5. Costs that emerge from those options
4. Options to reverse trending cycle
3. How society ended up here
2. Todays Situation
3. Protect your child's innocence; prevent harmful effects
2. Only Allow children to watch educational or developmental cartoons.
1. Monitor what your children watch.
Thank you all for watching
Keri Pierce
Liliana Tenorio
Melissa Sampson
Goal: Persuade individuals with childen that cartoons from before ae more appropriate for children.

Objective: Show the audience how today's cartoons are very inappropriate for children.
Keeping the child occupied so that . . .
The parent has more "them" time . . .
It is NOT about them anymore . . .
The CHILD is the priority . . .
The pen you write with . . .
The notes you write. . . So your notebook affects you
(Gallagher n.p.)
Phones . . .
Books . . .
The bag you carry. . .
Everything your mind comes into contact with affects you mentally and physically
The child is the priority
What are these cartoons costing you?
Children pick up watched/learned behaviors. . .
What are they costing your children . . .
taking away from childhood . . .
According to UNICEF a child is shaped through the experiences of their childhood . . .
(UNICEF n.p.)
These damaging cartoons of today are costing children their childhood . . .
This can lead to behavioral and social problems as adults
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