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Media Center: Open Space vs. Between the Shelves

Amy Zhong and Christine Ng: Period 8 Kuscenko

Amy Zhong

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Media Center: Open Space vs. Between the Shelves

Amy Zhong and Christine Ng Period 8 Kuscenko Present... Facade Reality. Fin. Depicted here is an example of a "facade". Lining the shelves, sitting organized, books wait to be checked out. The light's illumination gives a very welcoming feel to the library. The shelves, made of a smooth oak wood, are carefully ordered alphabetically. The soft colors of the picture, featuring hues of yellow and blue, add a pop of color to the walls that emit a warm feeling. Towering grandly, the columns in the picture, from a perspective close to the ground, makes the room seem more open and exposed. Lights shining, book covers reflecting, ground glowing, the media center has a very serene vibe. Dimly lit, the inside of the shelves emit a dark, foreboding tone. sheltering novels, concealing titles, collecting dust, the darkness reveals that these books truly have not been touched for quite some time. In the darkness, engulfed in shadows, a ray of light beams upon the abandoned literature. Filling the creaking shelves, the books, featuring colorful covers and poetic titles, has an air of mystery about it. Swirling through the air, revealing colors on barren books, light peeps through the crowded bookcase. Peeking through the crowded shelf of books, light can be seen illuminating the dim area.
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