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Garrett A. Morgan

No description

Kevin Smith

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Garrett A. Morgan

Garret A. Morgan was a African-American inventor.
Garrett A. Morgan
Early Life
Waterworks Explosion
July 24,1916
In 1912, Morgan filed a patent for his early gas mask, and in 1914 it was published. on July 24, 1916, He and his brother put it to use for the first time when they used it to recover survivors and bodies (including those of the first 2 unsuccessful rescue teams) of a gas explosion under Lake Erie, where 22 people lost their lives.
Protective Respiratory Hood (Gas mask)
Later life and Death

In 1943 he developed glaucoma (if Mr. Washington wants to tell what that does, just saying).
He died July 27, 1963 at the age of 86.
After witnessing a fatal accident, Morgan went on to invent a traffic signal that had a hand cranked mechanism that changes the signal.
Traffic Signal
Other Facts
By: Kevin Smith
(aka: EpicUSCG)
I'm a Easter egg!!!!
Garrett Morgan." 2014. The Biography Channel website. Feb 04 2014, 06:46
Garrett Augustus Morgan was born March 4, 1877 in Paris, Kentucky to a Confederate Colonel and a former slave. He moved to Cleveland, Ohio in 1895 and worked as a clothing manufacturer.
In 1896, Garrett married his first wife, Madge Nelson, but that ended in divorce ( #frowny_face ).
In 1908, he married his second wife, Madge Nelson and had 3 sons.
In 1909, he and his wife opened up the Morgan's Cut Rate Ladies Clothing Store that made coats, suits, dresses, and other clothing.
Thank you :D
Theo Burkhart on YouTube
Garrett Morgan bringing the first man out of the tunnel.
In 1908, Morgan helped found the Cleveland Association of Colored Men.
He also worked extensively on hair care products.
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