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No description

Molly Wheeler

on 5 October 2010

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Transcript of Svedka

SVEDKA Molly Wheeler Elizabeth Lightbody Jovan Dupor David Walsh Who Drinks Svedka? College males and females
ages 21-24
single Radar Screen Mindshare C-K Brief Single Minded Idea Memorable nights out with friends start with SVEDKA Two Fresh Human Insights 1. This demographic chooses to drink value vodkas at house parties as opposed to at the bar. 2. People who have tried Svedka did so because they were recommended to try it by someone else (i.e. liquor store clerk, friends, etc.) Print TV Viral Social Media Promotion "It All Started With SVEDKA" Creative Pieces SVEDKA
Brand Overview Research Connectivity It all started with SVEDKA Current Campaign Main Buisness Reason: Reposition the Svedka brand What do we know about Svedka's target demographic? fashion trends budget-conscious
partiers multiple social groups music movies TV
celebrities digital consumers 3-4 nights a week Campaign Tone sarcasm humorous tells a story posterization
colorful memorable "photo" consistent layout Proof: Award winning trendy
digital consumers
connected pop culture budget conscious multiple social groups work hard, play hard go out 3-4 nights a week house parties specific interests 80-proof
wheat based
five times distilled Swedish Owned by Constellation Brands multiple flavors
average cost
750ml: $12.99 GOLD MEDAL WINNERBeverage Testing Institute, Exceptional Taste & Best Buy 2008 GOLD MEDAL WINNERSan Francisco World Spirits Competition 2006, 2008 GOLD MEDAL WINNERMonde Selection 2005, 2008 (Brussels, Belgium) GOLD MEDAL WINNERInternational Wine & Spirit Competition 2002


Wine enthusiast vodka ratings*
Grey Goose 94
Svedka 93
Ketel One 93
Stolichnaya 91
Absolut 90
Skyy 89

*Source: Wine Enthusiast Vodka Ratings, most recent, 1999, 2004. surveys "Vodka is the most consumed spirit in the united states. Consumption increased 11.9% from 2006-2008"--mintel "The distilled Spirits council of America reported sales of low priced liquor (average $10) grew 5.5%While the sales of high priced liquor (average $30) dropped 5.1%"--business week 2/2/10 "Svedka sales increase 25% while premium brands decreased sales for example absolut lost 8% for the 2009 fiscal year"--esmerk 902 adults age 21+ surveyed:
Of those, 50% of the 21-24 year olds reported that they drink mid range vodka at house parties
When asked about premium vodka, only 20% of the 21-24 year olds reported drinking higher priced vodka at house parties
--Mintel GOLD MEDAL WINNER-Beverage Testing Institute, Exceptional Taste & Best Buy 2008
GOLD MEDAL WINNER -San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2006, 2008 GOLD MEDAL WINNER-Monde Selection 2005, 2008 (Brussels, Belgium)
GOLD MEDAL WINNER International Wine & Spirit Competition 2002. engage
social media
reliving the memories
capturing conversation tells a story facebook YouTube texts from last night college humor
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