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Why are cinemas still important for both audiences and produ

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Sarah Maher

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Why are cinemas still important for both audiences and produ

Why are cinemas still important for both audiences and producers?
The experience. New technologies. Excitement. Multiplex experience - day out.
See stars they want - star vehicles. Market movie
Cinema admissions growing (item 1)
Indie cinema (item 2) - new experience. Controversial issues.
Films are for the audience in the first place.
Star vehicles - typecast. Expect them to be like other movies they are in. Bad words of mouth. Gross badly.
Wait for DVD and TV - it's cheaper
Getting more expensive because of new technologies
Indie cinema (item 2) - artistic vision. Low budget.
Test screenings - know what audience want
Screen film - make money. Voice their opinion (can't be censored). Freedom.
UK Film Council abolished. Hard to get films out. BFI can be censored (need consent from Department of Culture Media & Sport)
Indie cinema (item 2) - change look and feel of film.
Focus on mainstream films
DVD's cheaper for production but it is easier for the public to copy.
"You go in as complete strangers and come out as a community" - Tom Hiddleston
Films are a very big part in out culture, whether they are low budget or a blockbuster. Cinemas provide a huge experience for us to enjoy our movies and with new technologies coming out (IMAX...), it is as strong as ever. DVD's are becoming more popular than the cinema, again with new technologies coming out which allows you to have your own mini cinema in your living room. I think cinemas are important for the audience and the producers as it's a huge marketing technique to produce their films and the audience to enjoy it and make a day of it. Cinemas have existed for years and is still important to this day.
Films are made to be shown in cinemas but the cinema itself seems to be going downhill due to new technologies as well as some other key features. Why exactly is the cinema dying out?
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