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Shang Dynasty

No description

Mr J Daykin

on 12 January 2015

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Transcript of Shang Dynasty

China's Shang Dynasty
bye Michael & Eduard
They call it the yellow river because underneath the water is yellow sand which makes the water seem like a yellow river. The yellow river was important to the people who lived near the river because they can trade,hunt for fish,get their clothes washed and would been helpful when they make bronze for their work.The bad thing about the river is dangerous floods.
Yellow River
The palace
The social status were infantry and chariot warriors of the Shang military. The infantry would walk a little protection but the chariots had horses and a lot more protection.

Most of the people were peasant's,they were hard working as farmers or sometimes forced to join the army.They had no furniture in their homes.
When a king or a emperor dies and when they get buried, their real guards or animals come with them to protect them from things alive! The palace walls are 65 feet deep and 30 feet high, they had farming gardens and the invaders won't go for them.
Shang Military
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