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Can Video Games Cause an Adrenaline Reaction?

8th Grade Science Fair Project

Francisco Mejia

on 2 March 2015

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Transcript of Can Video Games Cause an Adrenaline Reaction?

Can Video Games Cause an Adrenaline Reaction?
By: Jose Sanchez,
Vladimir Sanchez
Javier Valdivia

Step 1: Gather test subject(s)

Step 2: Gather vital signs/pain tolerance 5 minutes before playing

Step 3: Allow them to play for 15 minutes.

Step 4: Quickly measure vital signs/pain tolerance

Step 5: Let subject play for 5 more minutes.

Step 6: Quickly measure vital signs/pain tolerance

Test subjects :
Vladimir, Javier, Jose
Javier, Vladimir, and Jose
Before & After
Javier, Vladimir, and Jose check their heart rate and blood presure
All of us have played a videogame at one point or another; some more seriously than others. But can it actually cause a nervous reaction? Every human has something called the sympathetic nervous system. One of the jobs of this system is to deal with stress. This is where the so called fight or flight response system originates. This response is engaged when there is a significant amount of danger, or there is thought to be, like when you are playing a video game or watching a scary movie. When engaged, the body adapts, or changes, to the circumstances that it is in to perform better in them, giving you a increased chance of survival. Obviously you cannot die by playing a videogame, but your body does not know that, and thinks it is in real danger. So,
can video games cause an adrenaline reaction?

List of Games
Blood Pressure
Before & After
If we have a number of test subjects played a videogame that is fast paced and involves danger, then we will see a rise in any subjects heart rate, blood pressure, and pain tolerance.

2 Notebooks
2 Pencils
Blood pressure monitor
Action video game and console

Heart Rate Before & After
Videogames, can in fact cause an adrenaline reaction. Every subject we tested had a rise in blood pressure and heart rate. From video games we tested, the ones that drew a higher heart rate and blood pressure were the action games Motal Kombat and Dragon Ball Z. They had an intensitiy score of 10 out of 10. The ones with the lower blood pressure and lower heart rate were the sports and racing games. They had an intensitiy rate of 8 out of 10. To gain these results, we played a series of five games for ten minutes, so we may gain accurate results.
Next Time
If we were to do this experiment again, we would test more people, measure more vital signs, use more accurate measuring methods in order to see the reaction of each person after the experiment is finished.

In conclusion, our project, Can Video Games Cause An Adrenaline Reaction, was a success. We tested a reasonable number of people, and received good results that supported our hypothesis.
Vocabulary Terms
Blood Pressure
- The pressure of the blood as it flows through your viens.
Heart Rate
- How fast your heart pumps out blood.
- A hormone that increases heart rate and blood pressure.

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