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The Hope Diamond

No description

Leah Becker

on 25 May 2010

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Transcript of The Hope Diamond

The Hope Diamond Curse or Coincidence? Hope Diamond Current Statistics Weight- 45.52 carats
Length- 25.60 mm
Width- 21.78 mm
Depth- 12.00 mm
Clarity- VS1 "Whitish graining present"
Cut- roundish
Color- deep blue with some gray Timeline 1673 1749 1791 1813 1823 1839 1862 1901 1910 1949 Leah Becker Name: Jean Baptiste Tavernier Story: He journeyed to India where he either purchased or stole the diamond. 1642 Cursed? Maybe. In 1668,he sold the diamond to the king. After that, legend says that he was ripped apart by savage dogs while traveling to Russia. Name: King Louis XIV

Story: He had the diamond recut into 67 carats.

Cursed? Nope! Name: Louis XV

Story: He became King after his grandfather's death. He also inherited the diamond, and his queen was Marie Antoinette. When he and the queen were running away to France, the diamond was taken from them.

Cursed? Maybe. He and the queen were beheaded during the French Revolution. Name: Garde-Mueble

Story: This is the place where the diamond was kept after being taken from the King and Queen. It was so poorly guarded, that it was stolen in the same year. Name: Daniel Eliason

Story: When the diamond showed up in London, it was newly cut into 44 carats and belonged to the jeweler.

Cursed? Nope! Name: King George IV

Story: He bought the diamond from Eliason, and sold it to pay off debts when dying.

Cursed? Maybe. He did have some heavy debts to pay. Name: Henry Philip Hope

Story: The Hope Diamond recieved its name from Mr. Hope. When he died he gave it to the oldest of his three nephews.

Cursed? Possibly, after his death came a long line of family deaths. Name: Henry Thomas Hope

Story: He inherited the diamond from Henry Philip Hope.

Cursed? Possibly, He died at a young age of 54, and left the diamond to his wife. When she died she left the diamond to her grandson. Name: Lord Francis Hope

Story: He inherited the diamond from his grandmother, and sold it to Simon Frankel, who brought it to the United States.

Cursed? Maybe. He was bankrupt. Name: Evalyn Walsh Mclean

Story: She bought the diamond from Pierre Cartier. She grew attached to the diamond.

Cursed? Maybe. Her son died in a car crash at age nine. Her daughter committed suicide at age 25. In addition to them, her husband was ordered to a mental institution after being announced insane. Name: Harry Winston

Story: He bought the diamond two years after Mclean's death, and donated it to the Smithsonian Institution.

Cursed? Nope! Today the Hope Diamond can be found in the National Museum of Natural History. Real Story My Opinion:

I believe it was a coincidence because many people in the history of the diamond were not affected by the curse, and there were reasonable theories to back it up. Theories Legend- Half of the believed curses were said to be a legend.

Also, the King and Queen were deeply involved in the French Revolution and were not the only ones beheaded in that time period.

Francis Hope frequently gambled and squandered his money, so it is no surprise that he went bankrupt. Location

The Hope Diamond was first mined in the Kollur mine in India.
It was originally cut as a triangle, was 112 carats, and was called the Tavernier Blue. The red dots indicate where the diamond has been. Name: Jean Baptiste Tavernier

Story: He journeyed to India where he either purchased or stole the diamond.
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