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ePub PCD

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of ePubs

ePub reading
past - present - future print - online book - ePub survey ePubs & IBFD transfer of knowledge overview presentation Devices devices

1 January 2012: new titles eBook

21 titles available

discount print + eBook IBFD A short history 868 1985 1971 1974 2001 First
printed book First
electronic book Internet
live Early
pen computers First
tablet print online book ePub + internal linking + linking + searchable + portable + notes + compare pages + no electricity needed - internet - internet short for "electronic publication"

digital version of a traditional print book

free, open eBook standard

reflowable content 2013 ? ePub = eBook discussion IBFD Community

opinions differ

eBooks not fully integrated in daily practice Against “eBooks are probably the way for some... but not for dinosaurs like me, who prefer to have a page to turn or annotate.” “In my experience eBooks are now an unavoidable feature of the contemporary tax research. Ebooks are easy to get [...] and I can access the relevant topics quickly.” + adjust size - electricity needed + searchable + adjust size survey eReader PC/notebook smartphone tablet "the convenience to bring all the relevant texts when travelling or just moving from one place to another" "the fast publication and distribution of texts, which is of outmost importance in tax law" "Ebooks [...] can be read quite conveniently when they are copied in the laptop or smartphone. Almost 50% of my tax research involves using ebooks. Indeed it's a great contribution of technology to professionals." "One concern I have with ebooks is that with changing formats, the risk of "losing" the ebook and all its annotations sometime in the future is real, either because you don't have the software to read the ebook or you don't have the ability to transfer the ebooks to another machine or device." In favour of - weight and space - damage risk continuous development ePub format & devices thank you! print

online book

ePub ePubs & IBFD survey ePub

Production Coordination Department reading
past - present - future http://www.ibfd.org/IBFD-Products/eBooks your experiences and feedback + notes example online book:
http://online.ibfd.org/kbase/#topic=doc&url=/collections/tpig/html/tpig_head.html&WT.z_nav=Navigation&colid=4941 tablet tutorial
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