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The Bridge Final Presentation

No description

Valerie Clemens

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of The Bridge Final Presentation

The Bridge P.A.I.
Final SLP Presentation
Emily, Kristin, Kristen, and Valerie

The Bridge is a local progressive arts initiative whose mission is to present art in unique ways
Relatively new
Interactive art
Creative data collection
Last Presentation
Had recently received assignment to create website for IX Park (downtown)
Still were in flux about what would be final product
SWOT Analysis
Making something out of nothing
Taking initiative with project
Offering several options
Being innovative, creative
Telling them what our requirements for the course was
Keeping up email correspondence
Making our services clear and available
We don't think this course should continue to use The Bridge
Students' time could be better spent serving someone else who has a general goal or more concrete project idea
Hopefully the Bridge will present the website, Facebook, and proposed uses for both to the owners of IX park
The website will function as a way to claim spaces for artists and a place for people to view the art and events
Kickstarter raised over 20K, art installations began this month and will continue through summer
Partner outside "UVA bubble"
Got to check out IX Park
Unique art scene with a lot of potential
Saw how some of local art community operates in Charlottesville/ their own pitfalls and successes
Building professional communication skills, problem solving
Getting a client to nail down an idea
Practice pitching concepts and ideas
Lack of outlined, clear goals coming in
Lack of understanding of project's purpose in context of course
Lack of clarity in partner's own greater mission
Lack of transparency
Of relationship between IX and the Bridge
The time in one semester is limited
It's crucial to get parameters for project outlined ASAP
Community partners don't always know what they want, no rubric for working with people
Can't assume partners are communicating with one another, always clarify
This: goo.gl/ljZbnq
and this: http://goo.gl/3vmoZB
Time constraints
Not having concrete project until midterm
Not understanding their business fully
Final project left us with a middle man
would have led to greater agency if we could have met with IX directly
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