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Classical & Post-Classical China

No description

Christopher Eikenbary

on 7 November 2016

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Transcript of Classical & Post-Classical China

Classical and Post-Classical China
Qin Dynasty
Shih Huang-ti
First emperor of China
Hated Confucianism
Harsh punishments
Centralized power in China
Road & Canals
Universal Writing
The Great Wall of China
Was built to protect China from the nomads in the north.
Han Dynasty
Han Accomplishments
Invented paper and advances in silk weaving
Made Confucianism the official government philosophy
Officials had to prove their worth
The Silk Road
Started during the Han Dynasty.
Made China very rich.
Han Women and Children
Arranged marriages
Wealthy women well treated
Confucian teachings put women below men
Fall of the Han Dynasty
Large rebellions
Governors become warlords and rebel also
Han China falls due to civil wars
The Mongols
The Steppes
The "steppes" is an area of grassland north of China
It was home to several nomads
Invasion of the Nomads
Ghengis Khan
United all the Mongol clans
Began attacking neighboring peoples
Mongol Weapons
Khan takes China first
Moved west and took Persia, Russia, Iraq, and the rest of central Asia
Continued and attacked eastern Europe
Largest land empire, ever
Brutal & Tolerant
Khan would kill defenders out reason
However, he let people practice their own religion, and he spread trade
Chinese Vocabulary
Great Wall of China
Was built to protect the Chinese from the nomadic people in the northwest.
Silk Road
Largest trade ancient trade route
From China to the Roman Empire
Grand Canal
Connected Beijing to the main rivers in China
Increased trade to Beijing
Marco Polo
Merchant from Italy
Traveled the Silk Road
First European to see China
Terracotta Army
A massive culture showing the armies of the first emperor of China
"terracotta" means baked earth
Captured Beijing
Capital of China
First walled city he captured
Had to build siege weapons
Mongols Attack
Medieval Europe
Yuan Dynasty
Mongol Dynasty
Emperor is Kublai Khan
Genghis Khan's great grandson
This is the China that Marco Polo saw
Dynasty fell after the death of Kublai
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