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Interactive 3D holograms

No description

byeong choi

on 29 September 2015

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Transcript of Interactive 3D holograms

Computer Science
by: Byeong Hyeon Choi

What does it do?
creates an three-dimensional image that floats without any support.
It is touchable by human hands without getting burned
Hologram can interact with human.
How it works Image
To create three-dimensional image
To be able to interact with hologram
Interact: acting one upon or with the other.
how it works.
The femtosecond laser shoots through a Spatial Light Modulator (SLM).
A computer is connected to the SLM to give the images a proper form.
This floating pixel can be touched and will shimmer once interrupted.
Interactive 3D holograms
Long and Short term impact
It is too early to decide on long and short term impact because the interactive 3D hologram is not out yet, and still is in testing phase. However, this device holds great potential for long term impact and may lead to new discovery on how lights work.
Pros and cons
pros: Hologram showing different layers of an image. Interacting with Hologram giving whole new experience. Hologram could explain how light wave works.
Cons: It could fall in military, and it might be used on wars by coming up with better strategy. The hologram could burn user's hand due to high temp bursting too long.
Interactive 3D hologram is connected to computer which acts like a hub. The hub has preset programmed for different shapes the holograms can make. 3D hologram also has motion sensor that detects motion and it is programmed to send a data once the hologram is touched.

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