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For the Record

No description

Steph Lewin-Lane

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of For the Record

For the Record
Music Resource Game

In which search box do you type the Composer's name?
How do you limit a search to just look for a certain item type (score, CD, etc.)?
From the Library website, what do you click on to see all of your search options?
How do you get to the
G.R. Little Library webpage from the ECSU webpage?
You now have all of the skills you need to write a top-notch music paper using credible resources from the Library!
Public Domain music is great, but you want to have a scholarly edition with notes and a foreword. Let's go to Worldcat.org and search for a copy to order through.... (?)
You found your score! You will also need some other resources to write an "A" paper and it's NOT Wikipedia (really, it isn't). Where can you go on the library website to find scholarly articles?
We don't have a copy of what you need in the Library (or it's checked out)! What is your next step?
Composer names are
typed into the author
search box
HINT: There can be more than one answer for this question, depending on the item! Let's say you are looking for a score. If the copyright date is before 1923, where else could you look next?
The Music Research Libguide
Score and Sheet Music Tab
How do I get to the
Music Research Guide?!?
Last Question!

If you get stuck finding resources or aren't sure where to start- what can you do?
Don't forget to enter as much info as you can in the form and allow at least 4-10 days for delivery!
Under Academics on the ECSU homepage
Online Resources!
And look, you can go straight to music databases here...
A good database to start with is Academic Search Complete
Visit your Music Librarian
for a
research consultation
developed by Stephanie Lewin-Lane
Music Librarian, ECSU
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