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Jon Reminder

on 24 October 2014

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Transcript of sara

The Mami
How did this tribe cooperate and family life?
The men grew tabbaco.The men also hunted.They hunted buffalo,deer,and elk.The women worked in the village.They wore deer skin shirts,skirts(just for the girls)leggings
and moccas.
What conflicts was this tribe involved in?Who where there important leaders?
The little turtle was there leader.They got pushed out from where they where too Ohio.That is how they found Ohio
what religious beliefs or customs did this tribe have?
They where known for being very pilot to people,and they blive that wind, water,and land had spirits,this is called grandmother.
What did this tribe trade?who did this tribe trade with?
They traded furs to the eripens.And in return they got guns,knifes,blankets,copper kettel,cloth.
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